I have paused my Netflix show to come here because I am losing it.
     I am a ball of emotions, a metaphorical human-shaped bowl of melted rainbow sherbet. I am a mess. Rest assured, it is only because I am watching cutesy Netflix shows that I have become this way, but nonetheless, I am a mess.
      My halloween plans were canceled last weekend when I was spontaneously invited to visit my out of town boyfriend with his family. It was absolutely wonderful, and now I am a mess. Seeing him is great, but it only makes me miss him so much more. The good news is that winter break is getting closer, but the bad news is that that is the only good news. Hopefully I will be able to turn my frustration into productivity, a means of keeping myself totally distracted. I guess this could be more good news, but my guess is that I will actually just get crazier as the time passes.
     Now now, Elaina. Chill. 
     Note to self: the cutesy Netflix shows set this off.

     I'm just going to start inhaling tea so that the constant caffeine in combination with my gooey gumdrop insides will turn into productivity. Last week, my soupy ice cream feelings led to a very brief work out stint. Maybe I can rechannel that.
    Alright, I've mellowed out a bit now.
    My weekend was really fun despite that I didn't get to dress up as a totally spooky & ultra hot witch and make big bucks at the casino, but I made my boyfriend promise that we could do that over winter break, so... stay tuned. We went to a hockey game (side note: hockey is the only sport I enjoy watching); that was fun. Everything was fun. His parents kill me. I have to stop myself from laughing constantly. 
     Today I had a psychology exam, and that was really all that was eventful about my Monday. It was a pretty relaxed day, which I guess is good since my weekend was pretty jam packed. 
     How about you? How was your Monday? Do anything for Halloween? I'd love to hear about it!


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