Are any of you as in love with subscription boxes as I am? I have started subscribing to a few, so you can imagine I was quite excited when I was offered the chance to review a new box for you guys! Love Goodly is a bi-monthly box that focuses on eco-friendly, organic products that don't involve any form of animal testing. Plus, a portion of the proceeds from each box goes to supporting a charity, such as Fuck Cancer or Farm Sanctuary!

     Pictured above is the October/November box. Inside my box were some cookies from Go Raw, a cute make a wish bracelet, some roll-on deodorant, a beauty oil from Kindri, and a really interesting supplement concoction from Fountain. The only item I'm not in love with are the cookies. I'm more of a sugar cookie gal myself, but I know my mom will love them! 
     My favorite items are the beauty oil and supplement drink. I've never tried a a face oil before. I will admit I've always been pretty skeptical; oil is usually something you don't want near your face. But boy oh boy, I just put a drop of this stuff on after getting out of the shower and I am softer than ever. My current face moisturizer has not been keeping up with the change in seasons, so I'm pretty excited about receiving this product. I'm also super intrigued by the Super Green Molecule supplement. You're supposed to drink a teaspoon of it mixed in with your choice of beverage everyday for an abundance of energy and vitamins. It's labeled as a beauty supplement, so my skin will probably be just glowing after a few weeks of trying it out in combination with my new face oil. It doesn't list much for specific benefits on the bottle, but all of the reviews that I've found online are very positive. My body will take all of the extra help it can get as we start heading towards hibernating weather! Let me know if you'd want me to do a review of this stuff after I've been trying it for a while!

     Overall, I'm pretty stoked about what was in my box. I've made a wish and put on my bracelet, and I'm about to go make myself some super green tea once I've finished this post! 
      Love Goodly boxes cost $35 each, but if you order them in a 6 or 12 month set, you'll save a good ammount of money. Plus, you can save $10 on your first box with promo code TRYLOVENOW! This is definitely a spendier subscription box than most, but if you are an organic shopper, than you know that it is well worth the cost. My box wound up being worth $84 (plus I'm totally going to have killer skin now so add that on too). Overall, if you value natural products and saving the animals, you should totally check out Love Goodly! Don't forget to use that promo code!

Promo code: TRYLOVENOW for $10 off! (Ends 12/31)
Let me know if you'd like to see a more extensive review of any of these products
 after I've had some more time to test them out!
What other subscription services do you want to see reviewed?

Limited Edition Box supporting FCancer


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