I have been meaning to write this post since Tuesday, but once my energy left me that night, it seemed to leave me for the rest of the week.

     Tuesday was a really good day and now I can hardly remember why. My art class was more fun than usual. We did a collaborative project with the people sitting at our tables, and I really like all of the girls at my table, so it wound up be lots of fun. Also, the art project itself was pretty silly. We glued a bunch of random objects to a giant piece of paper and then painted the entire thing black. There was lots of flying paint and sticky fingers. What else was good about Tuesday? Oh, I found out that I got all 50 questions on my psych exam correct (not including the bonus points). I'm totally killing it in my psych class, which is great since I totally blindly chose psychology as my major. Also, my parents surprised my siblings and I with a kitten on Tuesday!! He is totally adorable, and all he wants is love and someone to play with. His name is Lester, but I call him spaghetti cat because he's floppy like a bunch of noodles. He's currently watching me type and now he'll probably come swing at my keyboard as I attempt to finish up this post.... Oh and now he's trying to pull things off my wall. Oh boy. Shit, he found the catnip bag. **back to Tuesday** After crying over receiving a new friend, I finished off Tuesday night with a really great skype date with the BF.

     Wednesday, I was a slug. I did absolutely nothing. I was so tired all day! On Thursday we had more fun in art. We messed up a bunch of photographs in an attempt to create glitch art, which basically equated to all of us giggling and banging out random things on our keyboards. I also got news that I won a giveaway on Thursday, yay! Who doesn't like getting free things in the mail?! Speaking of giveaways, I need to think of a Christmas giveaway to do...

      Nothing much happened on Friday. I had a meeting with my academic advisor, so now I'm all set up to register for spring semester. I think I'm going to take 18 credits. Wish me luck!

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