This week I got my first package from Lip Monthly! Every month they send out 2-3 full sized lip products and some samples. I got 3 full sized lip products: a highlighting pencil from Jelly Pong Pong, a berry red lip crayon from Be a Bombshell, and a rose nude-colored lip crayon from Jing Ai, plus a sample lipgloss!

     Overall, I am really pleased with what I got in my bag! Generally Lip Monthly bags are $10/month, but you can get your first one for $5 with promo code LIPLOVER1! It's really hard to find just one lip product at the drug store for $5, so getting 3 for $5 is a great deal. The September bag I got wound up being worth $61.95, and I'm really happy with the products! I like lip crayons because I'm not a patient enough person to wear lipstick, and I am totally in love with the Jing Ai velvet shine lip jewel color (it's in Star Pink, just fyi). Catch me as I put it on and head out to class!
     In the end, I would definitely recommend Lip Monthly to all of you. I'm not sure if I'll keep my subscription, but the $5 sign-up bag is definitely worth it. You can track your bag when it gets shipped, and I mean, who doesn't love getting presents in the mail?!!

Click here to learn more about Lip Monthly or to sign up for your first package!


  1. Monthly mailing services like this are great. It works well for the distributor who gets great marketing value out of sending their products to those who are actually looking to use them, and people get great deals on things that they will actually use.

    I have been looking for a good lip crayon and will have to give the one that you mention a try. Thanks!

    Kurt Bohling @ Philadelphia Mail Room


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