So this weekend I traveled to St. Cloud to visit my boyfriend and it was wonderful. He's currently living three hours away, so I rode up there with his parents and sister for family weekend. It had been a month since I had last seen him, so having just two short days together was pretty great. Update: his campus is sooooo much bigger than mine. I love my campus, but I feel like I'm at such a teeny school now! The good news is that he's coming to town in 15 days to visit, and he's getting here on a Wednesday so there will be more than just a quick weekend to see him. I'm going to make him check out my teeny tiny campus while he's here and see how he likes it. I've been debating a lot lately whether or not I'll be here next year, and it feels so weird thinking about transferring for someone else.. but like... oh goodness I don't know. I love him a lot, but I feel too young to be making these kinds of decisions. Ya know? I don't want to break up with up him just because he lives far away, but I also feel so weird thinking about moving and switching schools just to be with him. Life would be 1000% better if I could convince him to transfer here, but I don't think that's gonna happen. It's also far too early to be planning these kinds of things. Hahah, maybe we'll hate each other by Christmas, but the thing is that I have to start making these decisions now if I want a place to live next year... aye aye aye. Please give me insight.
    Anyways, it was really nice visiting him and catching a glimpse at what real college life is like. He's living in dorms while I'm still at home with my family trying to save my $$$, so we're going through two very different experiences. We didn't stay on campus though for the weekend. His aunt & uncle live about 30 minutes away from the university, so we spent a good amount of time hanging out there. Sidenote: are uncles always the best? His uncle was hilarious, ohmygod, I love him too. What else? Hmmm.. His mom bought me a little plush husky (it's their mascot) and it is my new cuddle buddy. We went to a planetarium show; that was fun. I told my boyfriend that he should get a campus job in the planetarium someday so that I can get private impromptu shows.
     In other news, I've been sick for two weeks as of today. It's miserable, but I'm finally starting to get better. Yesterday I had my first college exam and it was a piece of cake. The only other thing that's really going on right now is my crazy paper cutting project for art. I hate working with xacto knives. Oh lordy, it's going to be a mess. OH, and my other best friend is coming to town this weekend! God bless. I guess it's homecoming this weekend, but I am so not into the party scene. Please do not drag me to the pits of hell, Janessa.
     Alright, well that's all I can think of to share for now. Now I've got to try and get some boring as hell Mass Com reading done. Wish me luck. Send me advice. May your week be full of smiles.

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