So on Tuesdays and Thursdays I have a lot of downtime to just sit in between my classes, and I had fully intended to write a blogpost yesterday, but then I decided I wanted to wait until after my afternoon class because maybe then I would actually have something exciting to write about... but then Tuesday got weird. Now it is Wednesday.
     My day started off kind of rough yesterday. I spilled a bunch of water on my dress right when I got to school, and then my English teacher kicked two kids out of our class and almost had a breakdown when his computer wouldn't load some powerpoint. The day gradually got better though. I've found a spot I really enjoy for the downtime between my classes, and sitting in the sun (from inside where it's air conditioned) and watching people pass by is pretty nice. My art class was fun too. Right now we're making abstract collages, and while I was cutting up strips of paper for my project, I realized that I get to go visit my boyfriend in about two weeks. It's been two weeks since I last got to see him, so coming to this realization was really pretty exciting. I had to really refrain myself from looking so overly excited cutting up strips of paper. I haven't felt butterflies in a long time, but boy oh boy I am so happy inside. You know that feeling you used to get in middle school? It's like when you'd have a crush on someone in your fourth hour class and that was the only time you ever really got to see them, and everyday you'd just wait around for fourth hour. THEN MAYBE IF YOU WERE REALLY LUCKY, you'd actually get to talk to your crush or have a flirty moment together, but then of course it would be Friday so you'd have to wait aaaaaaalll weekend just to see them again in fourth hour on Monday. That's what it feels like right now. Except it's better and worse at the same time because I only get to see him once a month, but on the plus side, it's far more promising than my fourth hour middle school encounters.
      So after art, I came home all full of life and ran around my house singing and dancing and making way too much ramen for one person to eat. It was seriously the best. My go to happy dancing-time song is Turn to Stone by The Electric Light Orchestra, and I'm pretty sure my neighbors can definitely hear me singing(/screaming) it when I'm having those sorts of days.
      Tuesday was weird in more ways than one. I ran into my grandpa at the grocery store, my aunt came over to see how school was doing, I almost sent a really bad text to my grandma, and my brother got pulled over by the cops. I was also dragged out of bed to give girl advice to my brother's friend. It was a rollercoaster of a day.
      Today has simply been too long. I'm supposed to be studying right now, but.......
      I have a night class on Wednesdays and I'm not sure if I love it or hate it yet (update: I hate it). The good news about today is that I had to get together with some people from my English class for a group project and they were pretty cool. Also I had a really great dream last night where I owned both a puppy AND a kitten.
       WISH ME LUCK. I've got my first college quiz tonight. Here's to hoping the class goes by quickly (update: it didn't).

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