I've been meaning to write this post all week, and regardless that nothing has really happened, I realized a few days ago how nice it is to be able to look back on old Dear Diary posts. My boyfriend has recently fallen in love with fall, and we have been recounting lots of memories from last year. It's great having a source to be able to recall all of the little giggly details from.

     Anyways, maybe I'll just start with last weekend and see what I remember.
     Last Saturday I went with a few friends to the casino to celebrate my dear friend's birthday. It was a rollercoaster of a night. I was up $700 at one point. I left with $250, so I still did pretty good, but it has certainly left me wanting to go back for more. That night was our college's crazy homecoming night, so it was nice to escape town for the evening (we're not party people), but when we got back, we decided to stop by McDonald's. That was pretty entertaining, 3AM with drunk strangers.
      On Monday, I ventured into the Psychology wing on campus for the first time ever. It's housed in a building with the Mass Communications department, and the whole place is eerily quiet except for the music coming from the student-run radio station. On campus, there are bookshelves in all of the buildings with free books for anybody who wants them. I had only discovered a few of these bookshelves up until this point, and all of them are covered in dusty boring books, but the one in the psychology department certainly peaked my interest. For the rest of the day, I lugged around about 30 more pounds than I had started with in my backpack, which would have been okay....., until I had to scurry home in the pouring rain. I was seriously soaked when I got home that afternoon.
      Nothing exciting happens on Tuesdays. On Wednesday, I participated in a couple of psychological studies, which was my whole purpose in exploring the psych wing on Monday. We can sign up to participate in studies for extra credit towards my Intro to Psych class, so I signed up for all of the open slots on Wednesday. It wasn't quite as exciting of an experience as I would have liked it to be, but I still have hope for the future. After that, I marched myself to Wednesdays with Winston. I am very reluctant to try new things, especially now that I have no one to ever go with me, but I am glad that I'm slowly learning to be comfortable with doing things by myself. Wednesdays with Winston is a program on campus where a bunch of students get together and hang out with the college's therapy dog. It turned out to be way more fun and inviting than I was expecting, and I'll probably go hang out there on all of my free Wednesday afternoons.
       On Thursday, I skyped with my boyfriend. God bless. Friday wasn't terribly exciting. I woke up exhausted from staying up too late to skype, and also because who is in the mood to go to school on a Friday... I kind of love Fridays though. The only class I have is psychology, and then I have the house to myself until my siblings get home from school. It's a nice way to end the school week, especially since I rarely have weekend plans to look forward to. I think I've found something to do with my weekends now, but I'll write about that secret idea upon further investigation. Next weekend, MY BOYFRIEND WILL BE HERE so I'll be busy, and the weekend after, I might go on an art field trip. This is another one of those things that I'm not sure if I want to do because I don't know who I'd go with (MK, if you are reading this, I am inviting you), but I think it might be worth it either way.

     That's pretty much all that happened this week that's worth blogging about. My boyfriend is coming to town on Wednesday, so this week is probably going to be the best week of them all. My teachers keep telling me that October is the worst month for college students, so hopefully his appearance will boost my disposition for quite some time.
      Will write more soon if I'm not too busy cuddling someone. Hehehe. Here's to hoping that we all make it through October!


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