August went by in no time.
     Today it's Monday, and I'm starting my second week in college. Last week was pretty hectic, but already I feel like I've fallen into a rhythm with my new schedule. I very quickly fixed my sleeping patterns, and instead of falling asleep at 3 or 4 AM, I now crash at 10PM. Just as I have seemingly acquired the sleeping schedule of an infant, in many ways, I feel like I have reverted in terms of personal growth. I have no friends right now, and I don't do much besides read textbooks, and all of this resembles my lonely years as a sophomore and junior high school student far too much for my tastes. My senior year was so vastly different from anything I had ever experienced. As someone who has never been outgoing or overtly social, going out with friends every single weekend was such a drastic change to my lifestyle, but it was one that I had grown to be quite content with. Over the course of July and August, I found myself in another new scenario I wasn't quite expecting... falling in love. Hahaha ew, even typing that out makes me want to squirm, ew feelings gross, but nonetheless, now I'm alone and it's a constant struggle as I learn to adapt to this once again.
     Right now, I'm sitting in the school library in a very quiet corner contemplating my existence. I need to find a way to make being alone as beneficial as possible. If I can find some motivation to work hard at some of my other internet projects, then the time I have to myself could be very financially rewarding. I have a very easy semester for this fall, so hopefully I'll be able to build up some good habits that will carry on through my college experience.
    I have an art class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and right now, that's my only plan for making friends. It's the only class I have that really allows for interaction with other students, and I'm relying on the factor that most of us will have common similar interests. As a freshman living off-campus with my parents, I'm not forced into the social scenarios that most other freshmen go through. Maybe I should hang out in the various dorm buildings to do my homework. Maybe there are great lounge areas that I'm missing out on; what if there are girls who get together on Thursday nights to watch Project Runway?? Hmmm. I'll have to do some investigating.
    In the mean time, I'll probably start posting Dear Diary posts more often as this is an efficient way for me to work out my problems. If you have any advice or if you want to be friends, HMU.


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