The problem with Dear Diary posts is that I only sit down to write them when I'm upset or when I need to work things out... but lately, things have been pretty okay. I'm sure I could think of a hundred awful things if I tried to, but I'll just wait for those to seep out as I continue on writing.

      Well summer is now 2/3 over, and not much has changed since the last time I was here. I'm still whiter than white, my best friends are still leaving, and... Idk. I can't think of anything else to add.
      While my summer has been a lot of sitting around, this last week was pretty fun. On Wednesday, I went to Valleyfair (an amusement park) with my Starfruit and rode a whole lot of rollercoasters. The rollercoaster that I used to love as a child is now my least favorite. I've decided that I really enjoy the crazy rides where they put a harness over your shoulders too and not just your hips. STRAP ME DOWN, I am not looking to soar around each turn. My Starfruit feels differently though. He likes wooden rollercoasters where you bounce and shake and fly the whole time. Those just give me a headache. I prefer the looping rides. Overall, we compromised pretty well though and had a great day. We left with tired feet and droopy eyes, and drove the three hours back home. Speaking of which, you know what's great? Having someone who makes three hours in a car feel like nothing. I HATE being on long drives, but the 5 hours spent in the car on Wednesday went pretty dandy if I do say so myself.
      On Saturday, we drove back to the cities and went to see horse races. Who knew that was still a thing? I bet once on the pink horse and lost, decided that was enough for the day. Saturday was far less exciting than Wednesday, mostly because it was hard to get comfortable anywhere there. It was SO busy; people were swarming everywhere. If you were watching us from above, I'm sure we looked like the busiest ant hill. Saturday was a good bonding day though. It was a family adventure that I had been invited too, and overall, it was pretty swell.
      Now what? This week I have to go see a Shakespeare play with my grandma (gah), but after that, I think I might be doing fun things with friends out at our family cottage. Got to make the most of this last month that I have with my friends! Boy oh boy, time sure flies by fast!


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