Yesterday I registered for my college courses. It almost felt a little real there for a few hours.. like maybe I was an actual adult now.. or maybe I had gained some sense of independence from being around a bunch of other clueless teenagers and being talked at like we were suddenly capable of being 100x more responsible now. I'm excited for college, and while it felt pretty real and new and exciting yesterday, the reality is that I'm basically enrolling in 13th grade. I live two blocks away from campus, so it would be dumb to pay $10,000 to stay in the dorms, but all of those other kids that were registering actually will be fleeing home. I'm not sure how to feel about living at home yet. I know it'll definitely help me in the long run, but I hope this isn't me passing up my chance to move somewhere bigger and expand. In other news, HOW THE HELL AM I ALREADY ENROLLING IN COLLEGE, I AM AN INFANT. Registration was fun, and freshman move-in week will be a good excuse to meet new people, but the learning part is going to suck, right?! Aye aye aye... may the worldly spirits bless my fragile existence.
      The good news is that now it kind of actually feels like summer. Writing about college is making me freak out a little bit, but I'll forget all about this anxiety once I finish this post and turn off my computer, and now that my grad party has come and gone, I pretty much have the next two months to do whatever I want. Speaking of which.. how is June already halfway over???

       What have you done so far this summer? Anything exciting? HOHOHO, I just remembered that Steamboat Days is this week!!!!!!!!!! I write about Steamboat Days every summer and how it's one of my favorite things about this little town, and here it is again. My how time flies. I'm pretty sure Steamboat Days starts tomorrow, but the only day that really matters is Sunday. The morning starts off with the parade, which is followed by an afternoon of sunny summer bliss and carnival food, and then the FIREWORKS. So many memories have been made over the numerous times I've been to the Steamboat Days fireworks show, so it's always a nice thing to look back on. I can remember the time when I was about 7 or 8 and my mom and I biked to the levee to watch the show. We lived two or three miles away, but I don't remember it as being a hassle. I remember the crisp air blowing through my hair and cruising down blue streets in silence before arriving on the carnival grounds and being surrounded by the buzz of hundreds of chattering voices and swirling lights. One year I watched it from my grandpa's boat. The fireworks are shot off from across a short expanse of water from where the actual festivities are, so we had front row seating that year. I remember the slight fear of wondering if our boat was a safe enough distance from the falling flaming remnants. Last year, I was supposed to fall in love, lol. One of my dear girl friends and her boyfriend were trying to set me up with this kid who supposedly liked me, and I totally had a massive crush on him, but Steamboat Days is kind of a hectic place (especially on Sunday night) so we were never able to find each other and I wound up spending the show with a close friend. We somehow got squished between two couples, who apparently knew each other but were not on the best of terms, and almost wound up in the middle of a fist fight. Needless to say, I cannot wait. Plus, I could totally go for some mini donuts right now.
       Agh, now I'm over the college blues. I am so excited for the few things I have planned this summer. All of my friends and I are going camping soon, and I'm going to ride rollercoasters, and Steamboat Days is this weekend! ! ! ! ! Whoooooooo! Everything is great.

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