Yesterday I was telling my best friend about something that had happened on my shopping with Gma adventure, and he said "you've told me this story before".... but the thing I is that I had definitely  thought back thoroughly as to if I already had told him this story before even starting the conversation because I usually do tell him everything. But then he continued on and told me the end of the story using the exact same wording that I used to type about it in my last Dear Diary post. This is the moment when audible alarms started going off in my head. WHEOoo WHEoOOoo. The best way to find out that someone reads your blog is when they mention something about your life that you definitely didn't tell them.
       Yesterday was nice though. I was really productive for most of the day, and then I hang out with my friend once it started getting dark. We ate tacos by the river and watched the sunset.

        Now it's... Thursday; it's Thursday. I'm losing all track of time now that school is done. It's raining for the first time in a few weeks, and it's nice to have a brief pause from the sweaty, sticky summer weather that we've been having lately. Boy do I love summer, but I sure do hate being uncomfortably hot. The rain is not helping out with my time problem though. It's been gray all day, so all of the hours are seamlessly blending together. It may also be due in part to the fact that not much of anything has happened thus far today. I had to get blood drawn this morning, but other than that, I've just been hanging around the house. My parents are in nutso-mode trying to clean/redecorate the entire frickin' house for my grad party, so I've mostly been trying to avoid their stress-radiating selves. My mom is one of those moms who freaks out if people are coming over and the house isn't spotless. The good news is that my aunt and cousins are coming to town tomorrow, so hopefully an extra set of hands and someone to vent to will help her calm down.


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