Well A LOT has happened since the last time I wrote here. I know that I say that at pretty much the beginning of every Dear Diary post.. but a lot actually has happened this time. It's been one non-stop commotion for the last two weeks. First, it was trying to get done with high school, and then it was graduating and never wanting to stand still. Regardless that school is done, I've been with my friends every single day so far this summer. I've lost a lot of sleep, but it's definitely been worth it. Yesterday was pretty chill, being as it was a Monday so it brought a much needed break from waking up early to get ready for the weekend whirl of grad parties. I spent the morning catching up on some blog-related things and then hung out with friends once it started getting dark. OH, I also went on a 3-mile walk.. which isn't really saying much, and it totally killed me, but one of my goals for this summer is to really try and get healthier and build back some muscle from when I almost choked out last year. Today I hung out with my grandma, and she told me that if I work hard and get off some of my really danger danger pills, she'll buy me a puppy. I need to plaster a reminder of that incentive all over my room, so that I wake up each day and am motivated to eat well and work out. (P.S. - to anyone who reads my blog and knows me from the real world, HMU if you want to exercise.)
        Today, like I said, I spent the morning with my grandma. She wants to buy me some jewelry as a graduation present, so we went shopping today so I could point out some things so that she'd have an idea of what sort of stuff I like... which is pretty much nothing. I don't really wear jewelry. The only pieces I like are simple necklaces, so I was sort of expecting this outing to be pretty boring.. ya know, just doing it to make grandma happy, but it was actually great. If you ever are having a down day and need to feel like a princess, just go to an upscale jewelry store and make them try expensive sparkly things on you. Lol, she kept telling the salespeople that she was looking for a graduation present and one of them thought I was graduating 8th grade. Crushed. She said one day I will appreciate having a "youthful face," but in all reality I just have chubby cheeks.

        I'll be writing more as the big beginning summer bang slows down. Maybe not so much of day by day recaps, but more just thought process kind of posts. I had to force myself to stop tumbrling and come write this post, but as long as I get in the habit of coming over here to type, there should be plenty of stuff to write about. Writing is good, it's productive. Plus, it'll probably give me an incentive to do crazier things so I actually have fun adventures to write about. Another one of my goals is to take more pictures this summer. Fingers crossed that all of my IRL friends don't get sick of being constantly photographically documented. They're all so hot though, **wink**.


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