Today I had to listen to the dripping, gurgling sound of someone's runny nose for a grueling thirty minutes. It was miserable. I have a class that involves a lot of silent reading time, and the kid next to me just really needed a kleenex. With every breath.. in.... and out..., my eardrums were assaulted with the sound. It was bothering me enough that I thought "this is something I can blog about tonight". Soon enough, after persistently being forced to listen this, my nose started to sync up with his. It was as if the serenity of youth meant nothing at that very moment; I was instantly transported to the confines of my elementary classroom. Winter. 2003. One of the faults of childhood had caught up with me, sitting in my Literature class, and now, my nose was runny too. Needless to say, I didn't get much reading done today.

       Today brought both good news and bad news. The bad news isn't something I'd like to disclose, but I'm not processing it very well. The good news is that I got second place in a poetry contest. This isn't saying much considering it was only a contest amongst my fellow high school students and I wrote the poem the night before it had to be turned in, but I won $50 so I am pleased nonetheless. Other good news: tomorrow is pretty much Friday, because Friday is Senior Skip Day so I will not be attending school. Tomorrow is also pizza for breakfast day. Have I ever talked about the glory that is pizza for breakfast day? Every Thursday, our school serves pizza in the breakfast line, and to me, they are teeny tiny golden slices of heaven. I could seriously eat sheets of the stuff. Unfortunately, I am limited to a very scarce amount of these heavenly consumables now that the school year is winding down and the breakfast schedule has been all messed up. Pizza for breakfast day used to be a Tuesday event, and so once Saturday rolled around, I'd already be anticipating the next Tuesday morning. Mondays became Christmas Eve, and my mornings got just the tiniest bit better. Tomorrow might be the last pizza for breakfast day ever. God bless.
       Art class was a joy today. I was talking to my teacher about something, when all of a sudden, she got that look on her face where her eyes want really big and you could tell that she had locked sight on something terrifying. I knew instantly that it was the "holy shit, there is a giant ass spider" look. I turned around and could pinpoint its dangling descending location almost instantaneously. It landed on one of the art tables, and amid my mild hysteria and faint screaming, she had called over the resident jokester of our art classroom to deal with the contaminant. My art teacher is a bit of a loon. She loves, like really really loves, birds, and also just about all living creatures, and so she started frantically searching for something that he could transport the spider in so that it could be safely released outside...., but then he dropped a massive paperweight on it. It was a giant spider, the kind that's guts spill out into a bigger mess than you ever thought the spider could contain. Within the next 20 minutes, he had taped a paintbrush to the bottom of a broom and was using it to paint the floor.
     The rest of the day was pretty slow. Math is always fun; I sit by some pretty entertaining characters, and the teacher in that class is pretty crazy too. Today she was talking about how she was going to take out life insurance policies on all of the kids who continued to use their phones in class. Beyond my math class though, I'm not really learning anything anymore at school. Thank god I only have a handful of days left, because I don't know if I'd be able to make it otherwise.
      Hopefully your week has been going well. Here's to an easy end of May for all of us.


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