School has been crazy lately, like wake up wanting to die crazy. The good news is that I don't have to go tomorrow.. well sort of. Tomorrow is my school's day for state & ACT testing, and since I'm a senior, I don't have to be there for any of it. However, since I have a very important choir concert the day after tomorrow, and since we totally totally suck, I have to go in for a few hours for choir practice. This is still pretty great news. I am so excited to sleep in.
      Last week was really rough. It felt like I spent most of the week running on auto-pilot just moving from class to class mindlessly. This could also be due partially to the fact that I was doped up on sleeping pills for a good part of it, but the weather was also pretty nasty, and my mood always seems to correlate with the forecast. Friday afternoon was spent hanging out with my BFF, and for a few hours, I really thought I was losing it. I think some proverbial & invisible straw must have broken the camel's back because I just couldn't handle functioning like a normal human being. I may or may not have started crying in a Michael's. Fortunately, after a series of rather truly bizarre events, my night ended with a good ol' girl jam session from the front seat of a car in the pouring midnight rain.

             Epiphanies I had last week while depressed out of my mind:
             - most boys are entirely worthless
             - i'm in love
             - singing is wonderful medicine

       For a Monday, today was great. The sun has decided to come out again, and I think I have snapped out of my temporary downpour. Regardless that this week will be filled with far too much Choir practice and not nearly enough time for watching Netflix, I think I will make it.

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