HELLO, friends! In case you didn't gather what this post was about from the title, today I have finally decided to share with you some of my incredible knowledge & insight on the worlds of fashion and lifestyle accessorizing. I know that 2015 is still just a glimpse in the distance from where we are now, but I wanted to post this list before anybody else gets hot on the trail for these future trends. When these things start getting big, tell your friends that Elaina Loser Smith was your leader.

1. Aliens (v trendy) ((steady rise in UFO sightings)) (beware your abduction potential)
2. Oddly placed ponytails (also see number 8)
3. Rain boots and rain coats (prominently in shades of "bright" "wow" and "transparent")
4. Pink drinks as accessories
5. The word "spite"
6. Stick on body jewelry... or simply wearing stickers as jewelry
7. Giving compliments (and just general widespread positivity)
8. Snakes/caterpillars/vines/dandelions in place of ponytail holders and elastics
9. Glittery makeup and hairspray
10. Wearing face masks to school/work (top off the look with a towel turban and bright red lipstick)
11. Pet tarantulas and chinchillas
12. Dinner for breakfast
13. Wearing the same pair of shoes in two different colors/styles
14. Lower standards for celebrating things with sparkling juices
15. Glow stick accessories

Things that will definitely (definitely) not be trending:
1. Facebook
2. Negativity


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