It is currently 11:43, and while I usually pass out at around 9 PM on school nights, tonight I am busy working away. I took some medicine a couple of hours ago to help my stomach, but I have since realized that the stuff is loaded with caffeine, and so instead of lying in the dark for hours while I try to fall asleep, I've decided to hang out at this computer and be moderately productive.
     Needless to say, I am still sick. In fact, most everyone in the county appears to be coming down with some illness. Fortunately, I think the worst of my case is over, and I will hopefully be back to my functioning self in no time.

       Tomorrow I'm going to a birthday party. It's all any of my friends have been able to talk about this week. We're all very excited, and if it's worth sharing (warning: it definitely will be), I'll be sure to post about it later this weekend. I wish I could tell you guys about the awesome gift I found for my friend, but I'm not taking any chances with ruining the surprise.

     Other exciting things:
  • I've started another video project.
  • It's almost October!
  • My side chick and I have a contest going on in regards to our lame ass love lives. 

     School has also been pretty fun lately. I get to eat lunch with most of my friends, and my art classes have been rather enjoyable too. Today in my AP art class, we worked on expressive pieces where we tried to eliminate our entire thought process while creating and simply channel an inner emotional response. In the end, we wound up getting paint everywhere and going through lots of paper. Even my intro level painting class has been wonderful due to my lovely seating group. I don't know what I'm going to do when our classes switch up next quarter..

     I'm not quite sure why I started this post... I don't really have much to talk about, I'm just so excited about everything. Maybe I'll go work on some more interesting posts and call it a night.

     How has your life been lately? Do you have nice classes right now or are you ready for a change in pace? Any exciting plans for the weekend? Let me know!


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