Happy October, friends! September feels like it went by so quickly (I probably say that about every month), but I really hope that October sticks around for awhile.
     Anyways, now that it's October, it's also Halloween. I'm one of those people who starts celebrating Christmas on November 1st, and if you mix my love for holidays with my spooky voodoo vibes, you get 31 glorious days of Halloween. I've been working on this project for awhile now, and even though I feel so unprepared for what I'm about to get myself into, I'm excited to share this with you guys!
     31 Days of Halloween basically means 31 days of doodles. It's a way for us to be festive together! Over the course of the month, I'll be posting my spooky creations to my instagram and tumblr with the hashtag #31daysofhalloween. I'd love if some of you joined in and submitted drawings too, but feedback is just as good! Let me know if you have suggestions for doodles!
     I'll probably post my drawings here too from time to time in Dear Diary posts, but if you guys create any, I'd love to make a gallery of them to post on Halloween! It'd be a great chance to share your art, and I'd sure be thrilled to see anything! LET'S COLLAB TOGETHER, FRIENDS.

     Anyways, I hope your September ended smoothly and that your October turns out even better! Here's to a month filled with spooky fun and cavities!


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