Well ladies, it's officially winter now. Are you freezing in misery or enjoying this crisp weather? I think I'm starting to adjust to the snow, but I certainly am not in a rush to ever go outside. At least it's pretty! In fact, I think I might start a new video project because everything is so pretty right now- but that is beside the point. 
     ANYWAYS, now that winter really is here, I thought it would be appropriate to compile some cute warmer pieces. I really love the first item (the pink sweater from Bye Bye), but I want to know what your favorites are, or even better, what are your favorite winter trends???


  1. I definitely need a parka, and thigh high socks are always a great option <3

  2. def enjoying the cold :) i need more sweaters tho, and a lot more black lol

  3. i have a parka and really need an over-sized cardigan

  4. i def have a black sweater.sweaters are the best imo in the winter,so warm and comfy

  5. ooh i've been looking everywhere for some army green winter wear, but no luck :/


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