Christmas is just around the corner, and there really isn't any time left to buy the perfect gift online. Good thing you've stumbled across this post because I've compiled a list of five gifts you can easily make yourself! Good luck and Merry Christmas!

     This gift is easy to personalize, and all you'll need is a blank CD. Using your iTunes account, create the perfectly blended playlist for your giftee and then burn it to a disc. If it's for a friend, maybe try a blend of your favorite jam-sesh songs or a theme like "Songs for a Rainy Day". If it's for someone special, a cute idea would be "Songs that Make Me Think of You". If you have extra time and crafting skills, you can also create a cute case to go along with the CD using magazine clippings! (Inspiration: 1 / 2 )

     If you are really in touch with your artistic abilities, make your giftee a hand drawn t-shirt! Whether it's something silly or something edgy, it will double as both a practical and unique gift. All you'll need are some fabric markers and a plain t-shirt. Sharpie has some very affordable and long-lasting fabric markers, and you can find cheap t-shirts at any department store. They even tend to have them at our local dollar store, so if you're looking to save money as well, that's definitely worth a shot! (Inspiration: 1 / 2 ).

     Similar to the last idea (but with far more options), you could make a personalized phone case. Cheap blank phone cases are really easy to find at big craft stores like Hobby Lobby or Michael's, and while you're there, you can pick up some embellishments! There are lots of ways to go about this idea. You could paint a design on the case using acrylics, glue on some studs and little flowers, or cut up some old pictures of you two and attach them to the case with Mod Podge. Just make sure that no matter how you go about this idea, that it's still sturdy and functional. Use gorilla glue over Elmer's and a fixative if you're painting. (Inspiration: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 )

     Lip scrubs and exfoliates are super easy to make if you have the right ingredients on hand. Most recipes will call for sugar, coconut/olive oil, and essential oils. Here's the recipe to a really cute holiday themed scrub, and here's one for a more basic vanilla scrub. Choosing all organic ingredients could make this the perfect gift for an eco-friendly vegan amigo.

     Homemade coupons are great to give and can be put together in under 5 minutes. They really show your giftee  how well you know them, and they cost next to nothing. Some sample ideas would be: one free back rub, a trump card for who get's to pick the movie tonight, a romantic night at taco bell (my treat), or one load of freshly washed dishes (without any complaints). You can personalize them to work for any member on your gift list, and all you'll need to make these look nice is some card-stock!


  1. the mix cd is a really great idea!! thanks :))

  2. I'm definitely giving two of my friends mix cd's, I'll probably include three or four bands they don't know and see if they like them! I also saw somewhere a cookie mix in a jar, like the scrub thing but with ingredients for cookie batter, it was really nice! x

  3. Lmao I love these. Great way to keep it simple, and personal on a budget of time and money.To add to what Lily Cook said, I follow thecakebar on tumblr and they have been posting a lot of those cookie mix in jar ideas. They are super cool too :)


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