Congratulations on all the tips you are about to learn in this second installment of the summer preparation series! To view the first part, click here.
     Below I have listed a bunch of my personal tips that can help you achieve glowing and radiant skin by summer. Honestly, who doesn't want flawless skin? I choose to keep the tips short and sweet because I plan to go in depth on a couple of them in future posts. If you have any additional tips that aren't on this list, help out your fellow girl and post them in the comments!

  1. Drink more water! If your body is happy, your skin will be happy. Increasing your water intake will help with hydration and clearing blemishes. Plus it will give you an extra glow!
  2. For dry skin around the eyes, try cucumber slices! 
  3. Get more sleep. Your body rejuvenates and restores itself when resting.
  4. Washing pillow cases more often can do wonders for oily skin. Switching to silk pillowcases will make your skin even happier. 
  5. Avoid stress! It leads to nasty breakouts. 
  6. Drink green tea. The antioxidants in the tea will help clear blemishes, while the water that you are drinking will help to hydrate!
  7. Always make sure to wash off your makeup before going to sleep. 
  8. Applying fresh lemon juice will help to reduce the appearance of scaring or dark spots.  
  9. Clean any makeup brushes on a regular basis and throw out old makeup sponges. By continuing to use old sponges or dirty brushes, you pass a lot of dirt and oil onto your face every time you apply makeup. 
  10. Before putting on any nighttime moisturizers, soak a towel in warm water and lay it on your face for about two minutes. This will open up your pores, allowing the moisturizer to absorb better. 
  11. Invest in some daily vitamins. They can do wonders in evening out any complexion. 
  12. Try a face mask. They're available to help with all sorts of skin problems, or you can make you own!
  13. Don't pick at pimples! This can lead to scaring, and it will go away quicker if you leave it alone. 
  14. If you have dry skin but still deal with blemishes, then invest in a spot treatment. It will dry out the pimple without drying out your entire face. I'm giving one away here.
  15. Use sunscreen! No one wants to deal with skin cancer, plus a lot of makeup has some SPF in it nowadays. 
  16. Don't over do it. Wash less and limit the exfoliating. I find my skin is much happier when I shower every other day in contrast to showering every day. 
  17. Don't smoke. Don't drink. It does a lot more damage then simply killing your skin.
  18. Eat more fruits and vegetables while also avoiding processed foods. If your body is happy, your skin will be happy.


  1. I suggest the Queen Helene mint julep mask. It's like $4.00 and it's amazing

  2. The only problem I have with following this list is getting more sleep = A = hahahaha

  3. These are such great tips!!

    I'm so happy I found your blog, I read it every day now!:)

  4. I think the most effective way is through what you're putting into your body rather than what you're smearing on the outside! (Although pampering is nice too) Since I started eating a lot of nuts and seeds in my food my skin and hair have improved heaps and heaps! x

  5. I shower everyday, sometimes twice a day. maybe i should cut down on that...[]

  6. My best beauty secret is drinking tons of water! Great post.

  7. Your blog is amazing now if I could just remember to do all these things haha

  8. Wonderful tips! :)♥ I'll do these

  9. I definitely need to start eating healthier!

  10. These are quite simple which is why they're so useful. I knew most but it's great to have a reminder
    because I find it so hard to change my normal routine to take better care of myself.
    Ill try some of these though, so thanks.

  11. I need to bookmark this post coz this is too relevant for me. Thanks for this wonderful tips!! (●´∀`●)

  12. I have an acne-prone skin and doing these tips one step at a time really helps! Thanks Elaina! :D

  13. awesome!


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