Well folks, I was browsing the Forever 21 website, and boy do they have a lot of cute shoes! Here are a few of my favorites for spring. 

wedges: nude / floral / black / blue
flats: pink / neon / red
     If you're daring enough for wedges, then I highly recommend you check out Forever 21's supply. They have so many cute printed ones such as the ones pictured above, but they also have a lot of basic, solid colored options too! I am also enjoying the see through trend that Forever 21 is sporting in their shoes. I really want to see a dress made out of this same concept. I put both colors of the neon shoes up, because I think it would be awesome to wear one of the pink shoes with one lime shoe. Mix and matching different colored shoes will definitely add some character to any outfit. As an added bonus, all of these shoes come at a very affordable price. 


  1. I love the floral print! I just wish that came in a flat since heels kill my arches! :-)

  2. I don't really wear heels on ordinary days but I'd love to try wedges someday! :D

  3. holy moses I WANT THEM. <3

    Especially the blue wedge
    and the pink flats. :)

  4. I LOVE THOSE SHOES!!!! And I love Forever 21 and I love YOU

  5. Why do you have such good taste? aha

  6. polkadot wedges. actually heaven.

  7. The polka dot and the floral ones are to die for!


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