I watched a lot of movies this month. Some of them sucked, but some of them were really good. Here are a few of my favorites and a couple that I would suggest you avoid. Comment below if you disagree, agree, or know of any movies you think I should watch in April.

     Silver Linings Playbook was a very good movie. Spoiler alert, it's about crazy people. I didn't catch that at all from the commercials, but if you read my last movie post, you may know that I enjoy movies about crazy people. I was partially drawn to watch it simply because Jennifer Lawrence starred in it, and if you too are drawn for this reason, then you need to this movie. She is wonderful and stunning, and Bradley Cooper is pretty fabulous too. The movie should be coming out soon, and I highly recommend you check it out.
     I talked about The Bay in my last movie post, but I had to include it in this post because it was probably my favorite movie I watched this month. I had been in a horror movie phase that week, and this movie really hit the spot. 
     The Perks of Being a Wallflower is obviously just a wonderful movie. The cast is perfect, and the story is raw. I had watched this movie before, and I often don't rewatch movies, but it was just so gooood. It really gets your emotions going. The story is relevant to life as a high schooler, and I really recommend watching this movie if you haven't seen it yet. 
     I also had a romantic comedy movie phase this month, and No Strings Attached was by far the most comedic. I laughed, like really laughed, in multiple spots of this movie. The movie follows the basic plotline of someone who falls in love with someone they're not supposed to fall in love with, but despite the cliche and very predictable story line, I still really enjoyed this movie. Plus, Natalie Portman is a total babe. 

     Friends with Kids is a very cute movie. The actors are splendid, and the story is charming. It follows the generic romantic comedy plot I had previously mentioned, but I still enjoyed this movie as well. 
     I also watched X-Men: First Class because Jennifer Lawrence was in it. The earlier X-Men movies were some of my favorites growing up, so I thought I would check this one out. It's pretty weird watching this movie, because it's the prequel to the series. It was sort of cool to watch how everything tied into the earlier movies, but some of the stuff didn't exactly line up for me. I found the comparison between The Amazing Spider-Man to the obriginal Spider-Man movies to be pretty similar to watching this movie in comparison to the original three. I still enjoyed the movie, but it really just wasn't the same. 
     The reason Failure to Launch makes this list is because of Zooey Deschanel. She is just fabulous in this movie. The part was very true to her quirky self, but the role was also very comedic, and it showcased a side of her you don't see in most movies. All of the side roles were actually pretty great. The main characters and plot line were what annoyed me in this movie. Regardless of that, I would probably watch this movie again just for Zooey. 
     Sinister is my favorite of these four. It is truly a very scary movie, and the entirety of it is very intense. 

     I watched She's All That in my romantic comedy phase because I had read that it was one of the best romantic comedies of all time. I hated this movie though. When I read the brief summary of the movie, I was expecting it to be hilarious. It wasn't funny, and the acting was very blase. It's a Hollywood interpretation of high school, and overall I was left rather annoyed by this movie. 
     My father and I went to see The Host this weekend, and we both found it to be a total joke. When I had initially seen the first commercials, I was really excited for this movie. It looked like a new fresh sci-fi film, and I was really expecting to enjoy it. Spoiler alert, the hosts are like these little worms, and I felt like they were meant to be aggressive aliens, but Wanda, the main host, actually fell in love with someone and started to save the humans. There was so much kissing, and ugh, it was just awful. The main character speaks to herself for like half of the movie, and the other half is filled with her making out with two brothers. I honestly didn't enjoy this movie at all. We just laughed the whole time at how awful and mellow dramatic it was. 
     I really hope there isn't a fifth movie in this series. The Paranormal Activity series has been drawn out for too long. For the first three movies, the story tied together pretty well. This fourth movie simply wasn't necessary, and the only scary moments are induced by suspenseful loud noise. I wouldn't recommend watching this movie. 
     Clue was also very annoying. I thought the story might be crazy and exciting, but it was simply very true to the board game. The story was drawn out, and they reexplained it every ten minutes. The actors were boring, and I found the entire movie to be a waste of time. 

I hope you are all having a fabulous Easter. Don't forget to share your opinions and recommendations in the comments!


  1. I absolutely *loved* Silver Linings Playbook! It absolutely deserved all of the awards and nominations it got! I was tearing up more than just a few times during that movie!

  2. Wow! Thanks for the movie suggestions! I'm glad you included photos. :D

  3. this is so true!! avoid the host the book is much better:D


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