#3 - Sinister
     The plot line to this movie is pretty standard for horror films, but it was easily the scariest movie I've seen in a long time. Unlike a lot of recent horror films, the entire movie is pretty intense. While in some more recent flicks, such as the Paranormal Activity series, the suspense is only broken by terror in the last 10-20 minutes.  However, this movie is produced by the same people who produced Paranormal Activity, as well as Insidious, but they got it right with this one. I loved this movie, and I was tense the entire time. The story is pretty disturbing, and the paranormal, demonic aspects always get my heart racing in a horror film. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a truly scary movie. 


      #2 - Cabin in the Woods
     I had initially heard that this movie was incredibly stupid, and throughout the first part of the film, you may be led to believe that. It starts out as a pretty generic horror film with some teenagers wandering into a bad part of the woods, but for me, the twist in this movie was so unexpected and unique that it deserved second place. The ending is pretty stupid, and they should have just let them all die, but despite that, this movie was pretty great. I don't want to ruin the surprise, so I'll leave it at that. **Warning** There is nudity and lots of swearing in this film. 

    #1 - The Bay
    I loved this movie. UGH. It's a rediscovered footage, Blair Witch Project-esque film about a 4th of July gone wrong. It's sort of reminiscent of I Am Legend, but yet not at all. I felt like I was watching a zombie apocalypse movie, except everyone just died. It's really out of the realm of most horror films, but it still has it's own scream worthy moments. This movie is also from the producers of Insidious and Paranormal Activity (I guess they just produce all horror movies), but I had never heard of this movie until I went thoroughly searching for recent horror movies. I would not recommend this movie to those with incredibly weak stomachs though. There is a lot of blood, vomiting, and devoured flesh. If you are comfortable with these disturbing elements, then I highly recommend you watch this film. This is definitely one of my favorite movies ever. 


  1. I'm going to watch the bay and sinister! I loved cabin in the woods. It's crazy, I had never even heard of the other two!

  2. I'll be watching these, soon!! I love watching suspense and horror films and I don't really understand why other people don't.



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