Makeup on a Budget

     To save money, I make it a point to only but makeup when it's on sale. I don't buy makeup very often anyways, but over the summer I really expanded my collection. That being said, the best sales ever are found online. I don't have any strictly beauty/makeup stores in my town, so it is an obvious choice for myself to buy online. The sites I buy my makeup from are Ulta and Cherry Culture. These sites have crazy deals, guys.

Cherry Culture

     This site is wonderful if you are a NYX lover like myself. The site doesn't host many well known or high end brands, but the prices are so fabulous you might be convinced to try something new. This site is also a great place if you are very new to makeup. They have great prices for anyone to get started with. For me, this is the site where I buy all of my NYX products. 
lip liner / eyeshadow sticks / matte lip cream / eye lashes / nail polish
    To add to the splendor of this site, they always have crazy sales around the holidays. You can get your entire purchase for an extra 15%-30% off. They have tracking on their shipping as well as free shipping over $40. All my packages came timely and without any hassle. I highly recommend this site.

bronzer / nail polish / eyeshadow / starter set

     Ulta is another fabulous place to buy makeup. I buy from their website because I don't have any actual brick and mortar Ultas anywhere nearby, but their stores also have separate sales that are also really magnificent. The best deals I get from Ulta are on my drugstore makeup. They often have buy one get one 50% off deals on many drugstore brands such as Physicians Formula, Revlon, Nuetrogena, and Covergirl.

revlon / maybelline

    They also have over 1000 items on sale! Most of them are hair related products, but a lot of them are quality makeup. On that note, Ulta always has a lot of hot tools on sale from very prominent brands. If you are in need of a new straightener or wand, I recommend checking out their selection.

sale products
     Similar to Cherry Culture, Ulta also has great deals around the holidays, but they also have a lot of shorter, more random deals. Sometimes they will give out deluxe samples or gift bags, but only for about 4 hours at a time. Signing up for their email newsletter will let you in on all these little extra deals.
      The store also has high end makeup brands and fragrances, and their customer service is fabulous. One of my Ulta packages never made it into my arms (we think it was stolen), but I called their customer service number and they happily gave me a gift card for the amount of my lost package. They were very understanding of it all, and having customer service that is actually helpful and not at all stressful is a beautiful thing.  

       Other affordable makeup websites are and I have never ordered from either of these websites, but their prices are also wonderful. My friends use their eyeshadow palettes and are quite content with them. You can also find a lot of reviews about their stuff on YouTube. 


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