February 26th

February 26th

     Today was my mother's fortieth birthday. WOO, go Anne! We celebrated by going out for lunch and dinner. I usually wear sheer black tights and black knee high socks, but today I had no clean sheer tights. I was forced to dig to the deep end of my tights drawer where I found some very stretchy crimson ones. Paired with a Forever 21 dress and black Vans, we headed out for lunch. I had a lettuce wrap, because though they claimed to have gluten free bread at Acoustic, they did not. It was awful actually. There was hardly any meat on my wrap, so try to imagine eating a thick slice of cheese wrapped in romaine lettuce.
      For dinner, I decided to straighten my hair, put on some light makeup, and add my high high wedge boot things to the mix. We went to GreenMill, this time with the entire family. It felt really awesome being tall.
     I think my favorite part of this day was the flowers my dad bought for my mom. I am totally going to steal them when they start to die and use them for crafty things.


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