Dear Diary,
11:59 2/22/13

    This week I went to a hockey game and a talent show, and tonight my friends are coming over! I also have a doctor's appointment in a little bit. The hockey game was wonderful. They won!, and I'm pretty sure it was their only win of the season. It was a really good game. I personally love it when the players are super aggressive, and you can just feel the tension. This was a very tension filled game.
    Last night I went to my old school's talent show. There was a really good turn out as compared to last year. The people were pretty talented too. My favorite act was this girl who sang nursery rhymes with a completely straight face. She sang Old McDonald and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and etc.. to some very dramatic instrumental song, and it was just hilarious! I was crying. I would also like to say, if you are entering your own talent show as a duet or a band with multiple singers, just.. eh.. don't. I have learned from this experience that high schoolers simply can not harmonize. Unless you are perfect, I suggest sticking away from a duet or chorus effect. It kills a pretty voice if the other person is not on key.
     In other news, I think my friends are coming over tonight. That should be fun. My parents are also home from Mexico. Just in time for a blizzard, too. Horray for fresh clean snow!


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