Cute Graphics, Cute Quotes, Cute ImagesCute Graphics, Cute Quotes, Cute ImagesFEBRUARY 14TH IS COMING, FOLKS
Whether or not you have a special someone this upcoming Thursday, you still deserve to get in on the celebration. I'm writing this early so you have time to prepare. Make time for a relaxing bath or splurge on the goody you pass by every single time you're at the store. Here are some other ideas to celebrate the holiday. 


Take a bath. Give your special someone a giant smooch. Make yourself a candlelight dinner. Paint your nails Barbie pink. Read a romance novel. Watch a chick flick.


I love these earrings. They are so cute, and absolutely perfect for Valentine's Day. Plus, they're only $1.50! 
My by far best suggestion on this entire list is a piece of Black Tie Mousse Cake from Olive Garden. Pick it up in a take out box and enjoy it on the couch while watching Ella Enchanted or 10 Things I Hate About You for the absolute best single girl party.


If you have the money, then you deserve to splurge on these pink treats.  Poppy by Coach is one of my favorite perfumes, and if I had the cash, this would definitely be at the top of my list. It is a perfect fruity-floral perfume that balances on the line between being too girly and too grandma-y. I have not tried this new Two Faced Sweathearts Perfect Flush Blush, but it looks promising. And packaging wise, how could I not include it in this V-Day themed post. 


  1. I might do this "treat for myself" thing when I get a decent job. lol


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