Dear diary, 
10:34 PM  1/22/13

    It's cold here in Minnesota. The air is crisp, and it physically hurts to go outside. It's like someone is rubbing lip plumping lip gloss all over your face; that's what the cold air feels like. It would be worth it if there was snow. I love snow. It's so pretty, and it covers up the dead grass and dull roofs, and boy does it look pretty on all of the pine trees. You think you'd get used to the weather by now, but the air just gets colder, and you never do get used to it.
    All I eat is grilled cheese sandwiches and packeted chicken noodle soup. I'm not complaining, because it really is a very good combination, but it's probably not very healthy for a human being to eat strictly soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.
    My head hurts a lot lately. I suppose that could be related to my fabulous diet.
    I was going to go to a cute boy's house this weekend, but the friend I was going with can't go on the date we had planned anymore, so that's... not happening.
    I just ran out of water, so that will conclude this post. I need water. And probably to go to sleep.
    Good night.

    Ooo. I just remembered I have school tomorrow, yuck. Oh well. We just have an assembly, so it doesn't really count.
    Good night for real this time.



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