Dear diary,
 1/23/13  9:58 PM

     So I assist in a Destination Imagination team, which is a super demanding and crazy after school activity, and that was this afternoon. The team I help with is comprised of seven 2nd-4th graders, and it's actually pretty fun to be a part of it. Of course, I don't really have to do much, so that's cool. I live really close to the school it's held at, so I just walked over. My mom usually leads the group, but she had to work today, so I was stuck with the other main leader lady, and it went surprisingly well.
     We got a thin layer of snow today. Hahahah, and after all that time I spent complaining about it yesterday. It's not much; in fact, it will probably be gone by the time I wake up, but it was pretty to watch.
     I went to the library today. I got like 17(more like seven) cookbooks, or confection books I guess. I like baking cookies. Sometimes. Lately, though. I think I might make some on Saturday depending on how the day unfolds. I need to convince my mother to buy me some ingredients first though.


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