Dear diary,
3:12 PM  1/24/13

  I tried to make "Sugar Shuttles", and I added every single ingredient with precise measurements, but the "dough" was entirely crumby. I didn't want to throw away the crumbs, because they were actually pretty tasty, so instead I am currently baking cupcakes with the crumbs as a base. It tastes weird... but I don't think  they're necessarily bad. I made a test batch with just four cupcakes, and they were gone in two minutes. I think that is good enough proof. The rest of them are supposed to come out in six minutes.
     I had a grilled cheese sandwich and some soup for lunch. It was pretty good.
     I tried to take some pictures of my shoes for a future post, but they weren't turning out as cute as I had hoped. Whatever.
     The snow is still here.
     Two minutes.


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