Dear diary,
9:52 PM  1/25/13


     I had a grilled cheese and some soup for dinner, and it was fabulous. 
     My mother yelled at me for being "rude" towards my dad, but I don't care.
     I'm currently downloading the most recent episode of American Horror Story, and I already have another movie downloaded from last night, so I'll probably stay up really late watching those and eating cupcakes. Basically, it will be a party. 
     On the note of my orangeness, I'm not really orange at all, but maybe this lighting is just being deceptive. 
     I wish I had a boy to come to my movie/cupcake party with me. It's been so long since I have been in a mutual likings situation with a boy;  i'm starting to go insane. 
     I also just realized that I can add this week's episode of Grey's Anatomy to my party list. THIS PARTY IS GOING TO ROCK. 

     Damn it for having my plans get cancelled. 



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