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     As a teenager without a job but with available access to the internet, money is scarce. But money is scarce for everyone. 
     I know everyone has heard, "GO TO THE THRIFT STORES," but I don't think non-thrift-store-goers realize how beneficial they can actually be. In addition to helping you save tons of cash, they are also useful if you don't want to be wearing the clothes everyone else bought from this season's collection at American Eagle.
    Even if you are a frequent thrift store-goer, maybe some of my tips will be useful.

                                                                                   THE RULES
                                                             1. Don't buy underwear from a thrift store.
                                                                  2. Wash everything you bring home.

     image If you are going to a thrift store, you are going to have to commit to the experience. It will require digging through grimy clothing, toys, and furniture and possibly a sizable amount of time before you find a shopping cart full of treasures. Sometimes you won't find anything that is overwhelmingly worth your change. 

      image Tights are always hidden on a shelf in the back of the store. They can be expensive when bought retail, but from a thrift store, brand new ones tend to run less than a $1. Goodwills tend to have unopened tights from Target on clothing end caps.

    image Plug it in/try it on before buying.

    image While you may be overwhelmed with the low prices, it's important to stay objective. If you're not thrilled with what you're seeing, you may be tempted into buying something you will never ever wear/use. Ask yourself the question "would I still want this if you saw it at a retail store?". All the time I find myself buying things that I will never wear, not because they are so daring or too exciting, but because they are just not my style at all; things I would have been attracted to in eighth grade. 

     image If you can smell it or if there's a sizable stain on it, it's not worth it.

    image Watch for sales. Even though the prices at your select local thrift stores are already close to nothing, they could be closer. One of my local consignment shops has a monthly quarter sale ((EVERYTHING IS A QUARTER)). Some places have bag sales, and others have certain colored tags on markdowns. If you're looking for a super save, local newspapers and radio stations often have good information on these things.

    image Packing a travel size bottle of hand sanitizer is never a bad idea. 


Cute Graphics, Cute Quotes, Cute Images
Now you are ready and armed to have a great shopping experience.
What are your tips & tricks???


  1. And then there's this "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore music playing in the back of my mind.

  2. I've always wanted to go into thrift shops, and I think that after reading this post, I'm definitely going to try one out! (


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