As girls, we all have our own little insecurities. I hate my hands, or perhaps my fingers are really the problem. I grew up with severe eczema on my hands and arms, and I have always felt that my fingers have taken quite the toll for those couple years where my disease got really out of control. They resemble the fingers of a woman in her later years rather than the skinny, cute fingers all my teenage friends have. I realize that this is not a big deal, it's not even a little deal, but I am always a supporter in boosting confidence, wherever it may be found.
      Nail polish can be difficult. I love painting my nails, but some colors just don't seem to work. Even if your phalanges are in pristine condition, these nail colors are scientifically proven (may be a slight exaggeration) to look gorgeous on all fingers, of any condition or shade.

Imagine the skin tone of your fair-skinned ginger friend or the color of organic strawberry ice cream. If you are the girl who prefers minimalism or subtle beauty enhancing, a light pink nail lacquer is a classic, elegant look. It will make your nails look clean and flawless. 
Red nails are sexy. It's plain and simple. From fresh strawberries to blood clot, every shade is perfect. I am currently sporting a Maybelline Color Show nail lacquer in the shade Paint the Town (260). I really like this line of nail polish. I am not one for spending huge bucks on nail polish, so a drugstore brand is always great, and the colors that I have tried all have a great formula.
JINsoon: Coquette ($18); butter LONDON: Chancer ($15); Yves Saint Laurent: 1 Rouge N Pop Art  ($25)
A black nail polish will look perfect on truly anyone. It also adds an automatic cool factor. In addition, the shade is very versatile with finishes; sport your favorite black nail polish matte or shiny, with chunky glitter or subtle sparkles.


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