Well.. Prom was this weekend.
     It didn't go exactly as planned. 
     My mom was stressing me the heck out, and it was very humid. Overall, I was pretty grumpy through the whole event, which then just made me feel like I was ruining my date's night, which in turn made me sad. I just didn't feel pretty at all at the dance, and I know that's something pretty lame to get upset over, but it's hard to have fun when you're feeling all anxious and self-conscious. On a positive note, the night ended pretty well. I just wish I could have started off the day better so that I would have taken cute pictures with my friends (left the picture-taking portion as early as possible bc of anxiety sigh) and had a better time at the event, but in the end, it was still pretty okay. My date was the one good thing about prom and I am grateful for at least that.

caption: my mom's A+ photography skills
      Friday was more fun. Many of my winter weekends were spent at poker nights with friends, but since it has been getting pretty nice outside lately, no poker nights have been held in a quite a while. Turns out, someone started gossip that one would be happening on Friday, but unfortunately, the person who was to host this gathering was never made aware of such events. Poker wound up getting canceled and then replanned at someone else's house for the few stragglers that were still up and willing to play. It wound up being just me and a bunch of guys, which turned out to be pretty entertaining. My FBI comprehension system of the male teenage psyche has increased by at least 14%. Also, I beat one of them at Mortal Kombat X, which is saying a lot.
      Today was also pretty great, definitely a high-ranking Monday. I applied for a scholarship a couple of months ago, and while I totally thought I would get it, the winners were supposed to be announced by May 10th. I spent the last week slowly coming to the realization that I just didn't get it or maybe that they hadn't received my paperwork, but then today I got the letter saying that I had won it! There were many high fives between me and myself. Also, I made it into the finalists for Student of the Year at my school, which is pretty dumb considering I've only been there for 2 of the 4 years. Hehehe, I guess I'm just quite the gem **hair flip**. I don't think I'll wind up winning (being as not too many of the teachers know me), but it was still good news to receive for a Monday.
        The best news is that I apparently only have 10 days of school left. Other upcoming events: bff's bday, another choir concert, photoshoot, and I'm going to see Poltergeist this weekend! Whoo!! Fingers crossed for fun and sunshine.


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