It's Thursday, and boy oh boy am I excited that tomorrow is Friday. This week was even crazier than last week, and I am so ready for the weekend. Next week means prom and our senior art show, and after both of those are over and done with, school will be a total breeze. Ugh, it's going to be so nice. I actually love being at school. I like my classmates, and I have fun classes; I have just been so busy lately!
      Last time I wrote here I was fretting over our big choir performance/music festival thing; that went pretty well. Waking up at 3:30am was worse than I had expected, but we got home early, and I did lots of fun things that evening. Plus, it was pretty nice to have a field trip and the day off from school.  This week I missed a bunch of classes to work on art things. Our senior art show opens tomorrow, so the last four days have been a crazy blur of framing, hanging, and persistent sighing. I almost cut off my fingers a couple of times. It's been rough. The good news is that after tomorrow, I can pretty much put all of this stressful art business behind me. The rest of the year will be spent making fun things for myself.
      In other news, TOMORROW IS FRIDAY. Have I mentioned that yet?! I've got my fingers crossed for a blissful afternoon because Saturday will be bombarded with nutso relatives and I'll probably spend all of Sunday working on a crazy math project. 

             Other things that happened this week:
              - annoying boys left me alone
              - ate a yummy cheeseburger at the lake
              - won a national art award
              - finally ordered some grad party invites
              - contacted troubled souls at the graveyard
              - had a really good Dr appointment
              - ordered myself some perfume
              - went to Dollar Tree twice within 24 hours
     Even though this week was crazy as heck, I'm pretty proud of myself for getting so much done. Being productive always feels great, and now I'm left feeling a little concerned about how quickly summer is approaching. Don't get me wrong, the break is going to be soooo great. I just hope I can find something really useful to keep me busy. Regardless, the first week will definitely be dedicated to sleeping. (Only 18 school days left!)


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