Hello, friends!
    It's weird writing that because I oddly do feel like I have some sort of personal connection with the entity that is "you guys" even though I'm just sitting in a stuffy, little computer room. It's certainly a different kind of relationship -being only connected by the internet,- but I really do appreciate you guys. Sometimes I wish we could all just hang out in my room and have little girl party vent sessions. I mean doesn't that just sound wonderful???! Anyway, it's really nice when you give me feedback or even just comment on a post, because then I know you're there. Then I'm not just making hand gestures in front of a screen in the middle of the night.

     So my week has been pretty good. I've been feeling very inspired lately, and I'm loving it. I haven't made any nice art things in months, but I think I'm slowly recovering from whatever has been stopping me. I kind of want to invest in a screen printing set up, but I don't know a lot about it yet, so that's definitely not happening any time soon. Instead, my spontaneous trip to Michael's/Hobby Lobby only involved staring at the screen printing kits for an hour and then just buying more paint and canvases.. which now that I'm thinking about it is really quite odd. I guess I just have a compulsive tendency to buy canvases. I really don't even like painting. (THOSE DAMN BOGO SALES THO)
      So yeah, I've been working on little things here and there and trying to make doodling a habit again. I've even been making little letters for some of you guys! Maybe I should start a pen pal club. That's actually an idea I've had for quite some time now, but I'm really not quite sure how I'd go about it. (If you'd have an interest in a pen pal club, let me know and I'll do some brainstorming.)

     Let's see... what else has been going on recently? Oh, yeah. The 4th of July happened!
     GUYS. I had such a great 4th of July. I got to hang out with one of my most favorite people in the world, McKennah. I don't get to see her very much, but it's always great when we do hang out. McKennah also recently started dating this really great guy, and he has a bunch of fun friends, and essentially, I was invited to go watch fireworks with them and their gang. We wound up hanging out til around 4 in the morning making up scary stories and sitting in the dark, and it was the most fun I've had in a long time. It makes me excited to go back to school and grateful that I still have a whole year left to get to know some of these awesome people. Even though school really sucks, I'm actually just beyond eager to get back and be friends with everyone.
     The only negative side to my Independence Day celebration is that I totally messed up my back in the process; I've been hobbling around like a little old man for the last few days. I guess it all comes full circle though, because all the time I've been spending holed up in my room is what is filling me with a desire to start drawing again.
     Today I spent most of the day in the car though. MY SIBLINGS ARE GONE AGAIN, FOLKS. My mom and I drove a few hours to drop them off with my aunt and cousins, and then later this week, we'll join them at their campground for the weekend. I'm not quite sure how to feel about the camper weekend yet. I really like my aunt and her family, but I always get sick when we travel, and their campground is the last place I want to be when I'm sick. It's always really busy, and in case you couldn't gather this by now, I'm not much of a camper person...  Here's the plan. I'm gonna stock up on some oranges and immune-system boosters and then we're gonna go and I'm gonna get lots of good exercise from walking around the campsite and I'm gonna meet a cute boy and break his heart for fun. Just a typical weekend really.

    So what have you guys been up to lately? How has this first week of July treated you? Anything exciting coming up? Send some good juju to me back, will ya.


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