Listen up, folks. This to-do list is very important, and the costs of not completing these tasks could be detrimental to your well being; you could be risking some serious joy and happiness here. Things will be okay though because I've given you a week to power through these. 23 things isn't a lot to accomplish. Write this list down. Carry it with you. I have faith that you will succeed.

1. Make plans for this summer.
2. Pick someone a bouquet of wild flowers.
3. Rewatch your favorite movie or reread your favorite book.
4. Exercise.
5. Take yourself out to dinner.
6. Be mischievous.
7. Call a relative to tell them you love them.
8. Go on a picnic.
9. Send someone a thank you card.
10. Go for a walk.
11. Spend a night pampering yourself.
12. Finish that project you've been putting off.
13. Take lots of pictures.
14. Sleep in.
15. Make the first move.
16. Bake something.
17. Plan a movie night with some friends.
18. Compliment a stranger.
19. Watch the sunset with a friend.
20. Clean your room & work space.
21. Give someone a hug.
22. Make some plans for next week.
23. Finish this list.


  1. I did most of these this week before I even saw the list, and some others I remembered to do after I saw it (1-4, 10, 17, 18, 21, 22)! Maybe I'll finish it this weekend. <3

  2. i did 1 4 6 14 20 and 21. pretty productive if u ask me which you didn't

  3. awe this is a cute little list. I especially like be mischievous. I would probably add meditate, do some yoga, appreciate nature, cook your favorite food, smile, smell the flowers, etc. to this already lovely list.

  4. your blog is beautiful, my dear!
    bella xx

  5. this is such an adorable list, I'm going to try it for next week :)

  6. I like that list, I will copy and try it this week ^^

  7. Thanks for giving me some ideas to try. Summer's about to end in my place but for me it's just beginning since I spent summer studying. :)


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