Now most of this is pretty basic knowledge in terms of makeup, but if you're just starting out, then I really hope these tips are helpful. Feel free to leave you own tips (or questions) in the comments!!

1. The first step to applying your makeup should always be to moisturize beforehand! I like to put on my lotion and then do my hair before putting on any makeup so that it really has the time to soak in. 

2. Generally, this is what order you should put your makeup on in. Now obviously your daily look might not consist of lip liner and bronzer, so feel free to skip steps or do what works best for you, but as a beginner, it's definitely handy to know!

3. If you've never used foundation before, or if you don't need a lot of coverage for your skin, then buying a BB cream is your best option. They're lighter than a foundation, so it makes them a lot easier to apply; I just use my fingers to put it on. As an added bonus, most BB creams have sunscreen or vitamins in them, so be sure to look for these when you pick one up. To learn more about BB and CC creams, you can read this old post I wrote!

4. Now then again, maybe you do want more coverage! Foundation can be a great tool, but you're probably going to need something to apply it. Sponges are cheap, but you have to switch them out frequently to prevent pimples and spreading acne. The other option is buying a foundation brush. I generally use sponges when I'm applying my foundation just because I don't want to spend the money on a nice brush. Most drugstore brushes will leave little fibers on your face, or at least that's how it's been for me! You can typically find a whole pack of foundation sponges at any dollar store, so I'd definitely recommend going down that route!

5.  Using a creamy concealer a few shades lighter than your skin tone is a great way to combat under eye circles. Applying it to this area will really make you look more awake, and the light concealer doubles as a highlight of your cheekbones!

6. Powder can go a long way for oily skin! Applying some translucent powder over your BB cream or foundation will help to set it (make it last longer), but you could definitely wear it by itself to combat shine. Special matte powders will be extra effective, and if you're looking for some extra coverage, go with a shade with some color to it. Blotting paper can also be a great way to keep on track with your oily skin if it gets bad throughout the day.

7. If you've noticed that your eye shadow doesn't last through the day, or if it piles up in the lines of your eyelids (creasing), then this means you need an eye shadow primer. Most eye shadows require a primer to look nice, but I didn't start using one for quite some time. They're kind of hard to find at the drugstore, but ELF has a really nice one for cheap. Swipe on a few layers of this stuff, blend it in with your fingers, and then apply your shadow as usual!

8.  When applying mascara, be sure to start with your outer lashes. These are the most important, but they can be hard to get at, and you don't want too much mascara to build up on your front lashes from trying at the last minute to reach those harder ones! As opposed to swiping upward, I like to put my mascara on in an outward swipe on these lashes. Another handy tip is to brush out your lashes before putting on mascara. I use an old fat mascara brush, and it helps to separate them and give them a nice base coat before starting!

9. To get the most out of your lashes, try using a volumizing mascara layered with a lengthening one! Most mascaras will claim to be great at both but really only prove to be effective at one task.

10. False lashes are a real hassle to put on, but they can be lots of fun for special nights, and they really do add a lot to any look! You can buy lashes in pairs or in individual clumps, and while the individual sets will look a lot more natural, the pairs are going to be much easier to put on as a beginner. Some brands even offer an extensions option which is sort of mix between the two that you just put on your outer lashes. These can offer a great subtle touch to your look. Regardless of what lashes you choose, don't forget to pick up some glue; Clear works best!

11. When your lipstick starts to blend into your foundation on the edges of your lips, this is called feathering; It's a real pain in the butt! To keep your lipstick from feathering (and just to make the application much nicer in general), it helps to put on a thin layer of chapstick and concealer beforehand. To keep your lipstick from washing out into lines around your lips, shade in both of your lips with a really closely colored lip liner before applying lipstick!

What tips do you have? Leave them in the comments below!


  1. i always use a toner along with moisturizer before putting on my makeup, it really helps keep my skin in good condition under the makeup!


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