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     If you've been in a makeup aisle anytime over the last year and a half, you have probably noticed America's most recent beauty craze. And when I use the word craze, I mean obsessive new trend to make it's way into every makeup brand this country has to offer. Just as the BB cream trend started to kick in, competition arose and now CC creams and DD creams are being introduced to the market. But what do these products actually do, and what are they targeted towards? No need to worry, I am here to solve these questions surrounding the alliterated beauty products. 

BB Creams- Fun fact, BB creams have actually been around since the 60s! This product has always been a staple to the Asian market, but only recently have they graced our presence in America. BB stands for blemish balm. Essentially this product is geared towards treating pimples and zits while also providing a good amount of coverage. Most BB creams aren't only built to fight acne though; many claim to reduce pore size and make you look 20 years younger! However, we are not sure if these are simply marketing tactics or proven benefits. But in general, BB creams are geared towards fighting blemishes. They generally provide a very light coverage, but the several that I have tried are very buildable. Warning: though these products are geared towards curing your pimples, they tend to promote greasy skin. This is probably due to the sunscreen. It's a pick your battle with these products, sunscreen vs oily skin. 

CC Creams- The term CC Cream most generally stands for color correcting cream. In essence, they are supposed to cancel out any redness, though I have noticed they really are just a more potent version of BB creams (potent in a good way). The anti-aging, UV protection, and coverage are all supposed to be much stronger than their preceding sisters. Not many CC creams have made it into the drugstore price range yet. In fact, the only one I've seen is from Almay. However, dozens of CC creams are available at Sephora. 

DD Creams- The first American DD cream hit the market in June, and we are left to wonder if more are to follow or if a different trend plans to take it's place. This DD Cream, produced by Julep (a brand more popularly known for their nail polishes), stands for "dynamic, do-all" cream. It claims to have all the same components of a BB & CC cream, but simply in a more result inducing format. Who knows if maybe this is just a BB cream with a fancier name though. I mean what better way to snag in the BB cream fanatics than with the title "DD cream". The product does seem to provide many more anti-aging benefits, but is it worth the $36 price? You tell me. 

In general, these creams are a tinted moisturizer with many more promised benefits but with a far lighter coverage than foundation. Have you tried any of these creams? What are your opinions on this recent trend? Please leave your response in the comments below!


  1. Thank you! I always have to use something with spf in it because I'm as pale as snow white, I would rather be oily than sun burnt!

  2. I always wondered what the difference was between all the creams. This was very helpful! Thank you! ♥

  3. yeah i don't think dd cream would be worth the money.. i'll just stick with my bb cream ~

  4. i always wondered what bb stood for!

  5. I only use BB cream and so far I haven't had that many problems with greasy skin. It depends on the kind you use since there's just so many! The one I use is from Dr. Wu and Acneceur, targeted for people with oily skin!

  6. I've never used any of these before, but I think I'll try out some BB cream after reading this!

  7. I always wanted to try BB cream, but I wasn't sure what it was really. Your guide really helped, and I think I will try it!

    My tumblr is and I am supposed to get an entry for the contest for commenting on a blog post. xx

  8. Love my asian BB cream. Cant wait for ZZ creams to come out! :P

  9. Super helpful!


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