Dear Diary,
9:42 PM   5/10/13

     First off I want to say UGH. I want to see The Great Gatsby soooo bad. I think I might go Sunday evening, but I also think a couple of the classes at my school are going on a field trip to see it. Fingers crossed I can go on Sunday.
      Secondly I would like to give a little applause to myself for being pretty caught up with my schoolwork. I just took three math quizzes, and yesterday I wrote six essays. School is almost over, and I am so excited. I am mostly excited to drive around with my pal Summer, who just happens to be turning sixteen tomorrow! ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR SUMMER! You should send her some happy birthday wishes (click here). Summer has been my best friend since sixth grade, and she's probably my second favorite person on this planet (behind myself of course).
     I remember the first day we met. It was sixth grade, probably early October. We had the Friday off of school, so our school had set up this little trip for any 6th or 7th graders who wanted to go. We went to this weird campy place called Eagle Bluff, and it was really quite the adventure. There was a high ropes course, massive amounts of s'mores, an enormous lunch room, and lots of hiking. She wasn't in my group, but I remember we had a brief conversation in one of the large group sessions. I have no clue what we discussed, but I remember she was wearing a super huge yellow sweatshirt and a blue baseball cap turned sideways. Later that night I got a crazy bloody nose. She always tells me that she knew I was a smart one because when she asked about it, I answered, "It was probably just due to the quick drop in elevation", but the truth is that I only said that because one of my teachers had deducted that was the source of the problem.
     Over the course of sixth grade, we grew closer. It started with a lot of awkward lunch table scenarios, "Hey, can I sit here?" sort of things. I don't really remember becoming so close in sixth grade (in fact, the only thing I really remember is that she had Mrs. Christianson for homeroom, and I was very jealous), but we were a dynamic duo by 7th grade. We had the same 1st hour/homeroom, and that certainly was a magical place. I remember when her little sister was born. She brought in pictures. I also remember that she started the year in Challenge Math. It didn't last long, and it ruined our perfect class schedules, but this was probably for the better. I think the things I remember most about seventh grade are playing cards on stage and writing a really long short story for English (27 pages to be exact).
     Eighth grade was a rough year for the both of us, but we made it out alive. Despite all the chaos of eighth grade, I think it was one of my favorite years. Our mornings were spent hiding from boys, and our afternoons were spent at drama club. In eighth grade, Summer met McKennah. lol, That phrasing sounds pretty rough, but over that summer I became to be friends with her too. Now we are the terrific threesome, and together we fight crime and save the world with our sarcastic demeanors.
     So dear Summer, thank you for being there when I needed you the most. Thank you for laughing at our tragedies and for not hating me despite all my boy problems. Thank you for sharing your clothes with me when it rained all day at Valleyfair. Thank you for not killing me when I asked Max to marry you from your facebook account. Thank you for watching horror movies with me and thank you for those very nice copy machine pictures. Thanks for hiding with me in Ms. Jirele's room and thank you for forcing me into going to homecoming. Thanks for inviting me to hockey games. Thanks for tagging along to Ben's house. Hahah, thanks for putting up with the graduation dress shopping experience and thank you for sticking with me this long. Thanks for offering to push me around in a wheelchair and thank you for the discounted McDonald's. I love you soooo much, and I'm honored to be your friend. I hope sixteen is amazing!


  1. I love how you express your love for those two girls <3 And btw, you three are pretty!!

  2. Hey, Elaina! You're the girl on the right side, right? I was a bit confused about the girls on both sides. Great hair color, btw! :D

  3. That's really sweet. I met my bestest friends ever in fifth and sixth grade as well and we're still mega close now. I didn't realize you were the same age as me, How cool!

  4. This is so cute and sweet

  5. this is splendid. how neat. and the great gatsby is wonderful! i hope you've seen it!

  6. I'm so happy that you write these type of posts so people get to know you better! I love your post and your photos <3

  7. awwww happy late birthday to summer, i hope it was great!

  8. I hope it was a fantastic day! :D


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