Memorial Day weekend is upon us, and with it have come a multitude of sales. I've gotten so many emails about various offers, that I just had to write a post and share them with you. I also threw in some random sales that aren't exclusive to this weekend and some free samples. I have no clue when half of these end, so if one of these deals catches your attention, then hurry before it's too late! If you know of any other great sales that are going on right now, please leave them in the comments. Let's all smell/look good (in an affordable manner) together!

Panties are 7/$26 at Victoria's Secret! Use promo code "PARTYON" at checkout. (Ends 5/27)
Use promo code "MEMORIAL2013" to get an additional 25% off all sale items at Lulu's! (Ends 5/27)
Click here to get $15 off any purchase over $50 from ModCloth!
Get 10% everything online at Love Culture!
Click here to get a free sample of shampoo and conditioner from my favorite s/c brand!
Use promo code "GIVEME20" to get 20% all new arrivals at! (Ends 5/25)
Use promo code "ELSSS" to get 15% off your entire order at Sandy's Shop!
Click here to get a free sample of Garnier's BB cream!
Use promo code "MDS2013" to get 20% off everything at Cherry Culture! (Ends 5/28)

     I'm sure more discounts will start popping up as Monday draws closer. If there are enough fabulous deals, you can expect another post just like this one. Don't forget to leave any additional sales you know of in the comments! Also, do you like posts like these???


  1. This is really helpful! Definitley going to use the loveculture one. THANKS! (does this count as entries too?

  2. wow I'm definitely using the 20% off at Cherry Culture, thank you!!

  3. thank you so much!

  4. i ended up signing on to try out the free bb cream. i hope it doesn't harm sensitive skin. ;n;

  5. posts like these are great but i'm so sad i missed them ugh.

  6. I definitely took advantage of the VS sale. x)

  7. i'm


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