1 - Steal a stray cat and bring it with you to various places. 
2 - Volunteer at the Humane Society. 
3 - Bake a three layer cake. (Here are some handy dandy tips.)
4 - Write a letter to any address in the phone book. 
5 - Bedazzle something. 
6 - Write a book. 
7 - Ask someone you have been thinking about on a date. 
8 - Go to a restaurant you've never been to.
9 - Plan the ultimate horror party for September 13th (it's a Friday).
10 - Start a blog.
11 - Follow someone around in a store and spray everything they touch with disinfectant. 
12 - Plan a weekend getaway.
13 - Write a haiku about cats.
14 - Write kind messages in sidewalk chalk.
15 - Make puppy chow (as in the delicious chocolatey dessert). 
16 - Learn French. 
17 - Make a scrap candle.
18 - Cut off all your hair. 
19 - Write me a letter.
20 - Go for a walk.
21 - Hide in a public bathroom stall, and when someone walks in say, "We've been expecting you". Gesture to the wall and speak in a very convincing tone.
22 - Learn how to crochet. 
23 - Go to a cafe and stare at people while they are reading until they feel so uncomfortable that they are forced to relocate. 
24 - Adopt a puppy. 
25 - Make some butterflies for The Butterfly Project
26 - Take a bath and play this soothing playlist
27 - Go people watching at a mall. 
28 - Host a potluck. 
29 - Go to a cafe and stare at nicely dressed people, because you deserve to stare at nicely dressed people. 
31 - Turn on all the fans you can find and pretend you live in the arctic tundra. 
32 - Make some red velvet cupcakes.
33 - Read a book. 
34 - Go for a walk and give everyone you pass a compliment.
35 - Bake a cake for someone and write a message in the frosting. 
36 - Pick a bouquet of dandelions for someone cute (yourself).
37 - Mow the lawn. 
38 - Watch a movie.
39 - Make a movie.
40 - Write a book and then send me a copy. 
41 - Go to Walmart, stand in the middle of an isle, and count how many people you piss off in twenty minutes. Just pretend you're deaf when they yell at you.
42 - Learn sign language. 
43 - Try to walk up a set of stairs without bending your knees.
44 - Learn some yoga moves.
45 - Redecorate your room.
46 - Learn how to play the saxophone. 
47 - Write a song. 
48 - Go thrift shopping!
49 - Put some old clothes up for sale on ebay. 
50 - Learn how to play the ukulele. 
51 - See how many sweaters you can wear at the same time.
52 - Enter a contest. There's plenty across the internet to choose from.
53 - Try not to think about apples.
54 - Learn how to speak Spanish. 
55 - Learn how to sew. 
56 - Start a band. 
57 - Make your very own book clutch
58 - Make a bucket list. 
59 - When a Walmart employee asks if you need help finding anything say, "What isle is Logan Lerman in?".
60 - Take a bag of dog treats to the local dog park and make new friends.
61 - Learn how to juggle. 
62 - Start a journal.
63 - Draw me a picture and send it to me so I can marvel at your talents.
64 - Host a costume party. 
65 - Build a gingerbread house.
66 - Pretend you're the paparazzi and accidentally mistake any stranger for a famous person. A camera and black clothing are essential for this one. 
67 - Try to think up as many metaphors as possible for spoons. 
68 - Start a garden.
69 - Send me some flowers. 
70 - Drop any cat from a high place to see if it really does land on all four feet. 
71 - Send your neighbor a christmas card. 
72 - Make your own bath bombs!
73 - Send this list to a friend.
74 - Learn how to knit. 
75 - Send a letter to every boring name in the phone book saying that their name has been deleted due to utter lack of creativity. You should probably make this letter look really official.
76 - Walk up to any small child that resembles you and tell them you are them but from the future. 
77 - Learn how to make your own hair bows!
78 - Try to master lucid dreaming.
79 - Create an EHarmony profile for your cat. 
80 - Buy a lot of bouncy balls and accidentally drop them in a crowded waiting room/elevator. 
82 - Make jewelry out of old doll limbs.
83 - Go to Walmart dressed as a princess. 
84 - Legally change your name. 
85 - Make a list of things to do when you're bored.
86 - Quit your job and become an advice columnist.
87 - Sign up for free samples. (Just google "free samples".)
88 - Make a really angsty playlist.
89 - Close your eyes, spin in a complete circle 3 times, and dye your hair whatever color your finger is pointing at.
90 - Count how many times the letter "n" was used in this list.
91 - Peel all the skin off an apple with a spoon.
92 - Learn new words.
93 - Go Christmas caroling.
94 - Write me an email about your entire day (esmith55987@gmail.com).
95 - Invent a new card game.
96 - Dress like a gypsy, go to a fair, and offer to predict people's futures.
97 - Write a haiku about the person you like and then send it to them.
98 - Send a bouquet of flowers to yourself.
99 - Learn how to surf.
100 - Write a book of metaphors to exemplify how bored you are.
101 - Ignore all 100 suggestions that I spent hours coming up with.


  1. Starting a band out of boredom sounds cool anw. hahahahaha

  2. The most difficult one in here is actually asking my crush on a date /// even harder than peeling the skin of an apple off with a spoon! hahaha

  3. I'm hanging out with friends this Saturday, and I will definitely be showing them this list! I'm actually already planning on doing number 18-- I'm getting a pixie cut the day after I graduate high school (being June 22)!

  4. omgsh doing these

  5. Haha, you have a good imagination! If I make people cry by walking around in doll limbs, can I blame you?

  6. I really want to learn how to surf. That sounds very adventurous!!!!

  7. I can't help but lol with you ideas everytime I see this post. Everytime. lol

  8. The ideas you made are endless and the 101th idea was epic :D HAHAHA

  9. "86 - Quit your job and become an advice columnist." I'm currently searching for a job. I think I wanna try this one.

  10. Saved for future reference ;)

  11. Ooh I love this idea! This might help my Summer-365-but-not-cause-its-only-really-91-days project of sorts be more interesting! Thanks!

  12. I've written ton of songs during boring math classes this year, I really want to learn to play the ukelele to put some melody into my songs = u =

  13. A lot of these are going on my summer to do list :)

  14. lol try not to think about apples. your diy ideas are so creative and cute~

  15. omg these are so creative i'll be sure to try some! ^^

  16. Oh my gosh I really should write a book over the summer. I've been trying to finish a novel for ages and maybe my new goal should be to finish one over the summer

  17. I wish I had time to do all these things! This summer is going to suck :/ I will be studying really hard in order to get into university :(

  18. All these are good, steal a stray cat haha --lowlifeeee.tumblr.com

  19. Oh my goodness. I wish I could do all of these, this is a killer list.

  20. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for making this list. I really needed something good to do this summer! <3

  21. i actually think i am going to cut all my hair off. it's grown just past my chest so i think i'll cut it up to below my ears. saponaceous.tumblr.com

  22. Haha I am so going to try to start a band! :)


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