Ultra Repair Cream Review

     I bought the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream a couple weeks ago when I was very feeling luxurious; in a "treat yo self" mood. I saw a youtuber talking about it, and it had been all over the Sephora website for about 3 weeks. Needless to say, I was really excited when it came in the mail. Face lotion is something that I feel is worth splurging on. I've used a lot of high end moisturizers in the past, and they have all worked very well. Despite my previous luck, I was extremely disappointed with this product. I have very dry and sensitive skin on my face, and when I used this lotion for about a week on my more sensitive areas, I broke out like crazy. The product actually dried out my skin even more, and I had to stop using the product right away. On my cheeks, which are not sensitive at all, the moisturizer worked as it should, and I felt fine. It wasn't anything incredible however, and I was under the impression that this lotion was going to be my miracle. This product is supposed to be targeted towards super dry and sensitive skin. It's even supposed to help treat exzema, which I have! In the end, this product was a complete let down. For $28, it is simply not worth the cost. If you have non-sensitive skin, it could be a very decent moisturizer, but you could find one with the same qualities at the drugstore for far less. I would not recommend this moisturizer to anyone. 


  1. Thanks for this review (or warning? loljk). I've been searching for moisturizers and I think this review will save me and my money. Hahaha :)


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