Today has been a loooong day. The sunshine wakes me up with a thousand years worth of energy, but boy oh boy is it oh so draining. Today my mother and I went to La Crosse to buy things for Teacher Appreciation Week. She's a PTA president. It was nice because she bought me food. Anyways, we always stop at this little boutique when we travel to La Crosse, because it's always plum full with marvelous things and so conveniently placed right on the side of the highway. That's where I took the pictures. I like to smell all the candles and bars of soap while my mom hunts for potential birthday gifts. When we got home, I played some baseball with my younger siblings in the front yard. It was actually incredibly amusing, and you all definitely should have been there. I think we're about to head out for ice cream now, so I'll say so long for now. Be expecting some good posts this week :)!


  1. I love that little beetle on the dictionary. :)

  2. that sounds like a lovely little shop :3

  3. The 1st photo was creepy, at least for me. or is it just bcoz of the effects. But it's really creepy, anw. Like one of those from the HP series. lol

  4. There's something in the pictures that is so vintagey.

  5. I love good long days where afterwards you can just go to sleep and wake up refreshed knowing you accomplished something the day before


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