Dear Diary,
4/14/13   9:40 PM 

     Wednesday was my birthday! Woohoo! I've been pretty busy since then, so sorry about not posting a lot. My grandparents came into town at about two on Wednesday. I got a bunch of necklaces. We went out for dinner and it was yuuuumy. The weather was nice too. I had been hoping that the snow would be gone for my birthday, and it was! But ever since Wednesday, we have been getting ice and snow, and this is actually pretty ridiculous, folks. I want to vomit. Snow is not allowed in April.
     They stayed in town on Thursday and took me and my aunt out for lunch. That was really yummy. Oh and I tripped down the front steps trying to get to their car. My butt was really wet from the snow :(
     Friday I was busy cleaning my room and finishing my walls. I don't think I've shared this yet on here, but last year around this time, I painted this  ..mural-y thing on my wall. It's really ugly, and I hate it now. So then about two months ago, I covered it in pictures from my childhood, but there was spacing behind the pictures and you could still see the painting and ew. This week I have been working on this massive collage to replace the pictures. I'm pretty happy with the end result. It's certainly better than the last two options, and it goes better with the vibes of my room.
     I worked on that all Friday night, and then I woke up at five on Saturday morning; took a shower and went back to sleep. My friends came over later and we went SHOPPIIIIING! Woohoo! I was very excited. It was a really nice day. We had nice conversations and ate cake and smoothies and fries and everything yummy.
     I bought three dresses, two shirts, and a jacket, and about twenty minutes ago, I ordered some more things online. I plan to take pictures of the dresses I got tomorrow, so BE EXCITED!



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