Last year, my hair went through a lot of torture. I was straightening/curling it everyday along with consistently dyeing it. After rocking firetruck red hair, I realized that I needed to start caring for my hair better, and I know everyone has these same problems. No one wants fried, dry, or greasy hair. Over the last year, I have gone through a lot of products. Some of them were not worth the price at all, but a few have proven to be some of my favorite products ever. If you have dry, damaged, or over dyed hair, then read on!
     If you ever use hot tools on your hair, you need to be using a heat protectant! Whether you curl, straighten, or blow dry, these products will help to prevent further damage. I started using the John Frieda Frizz-Ease Hair Serum when I was in eighth grade, and though I have tried many heat protectants since then, this has been my go to product. I simply rub a dime sized amount of the protectant on my ends when my hair is completely dry. Something to note about this product is that it can make your hair appear very greasy if you over apply. For this reason, I only put it on my ends. It's best when planning to straighten your hair. When I curl my hair, I like to use a bit lighter protectant to prevent the greasy appearance. Spray heat protectants are best for this. My favorite spray protectant is Organix's Flat Iron Spray. This product provides a lot of protection to prevent split ends and fried hair, but it also smells amazing. This spray is from the brand's Brazilian Keratin line, and keratin is a definite ingredient to look for when purchasing hair products. It promotes shine and strength! I use this product every time I apply heat to my hair. It provides extra protection alongside the John Frieda serum, but it can also be used by itself to prevent future hair damage. Both of these products can be found at any Walmart or Target, and as an added bonus, they both cost less than $10!
     These three products were my lifesavers. They have honestly worked miracles for my hair. When my hair is feeling really rough, I like to use Garnier's Triple Nutrition Hair Treatment or Palmer's Coconut Conditioner in between my regular shampoo and conditioner. I'm pretty sure the Palmer's product is just a conditioner, but I like to use them both as hair masks. They are both wonderful products, and they thoroughly helped to heal my hair last year. I would use one of these every day, leaving it in for about 3-5 minutes, and my hair felt and looked softer and healthier in no time. I really want to look more into the Palmer's brand, because I am sure their other products are just as amazing. If you only have the money to buy one of the products out of this entire post though, I would recommend the Garnier Hair Treatment. It is honestly my favorite hair care product ever. To further the wonderfullness, I would apply Garnier's Triple Nutrition Spray to my hair. One of the best qualities of this product is that you can apply it at any time; whether your hair is damp, wet, or dry, it will help out your hair. I'm not so sure what I love about this product so much. I think it's supposed to be like a shine spray, but it also helps to heal your hair. Plus, it smells pretty good too. If you are looking for dramatic results in a short amount of time, then I highly recommend these products. 


  1. Hi, just want to comment on how lovely your blog is. Can't wait to go out and buy these,especially the Garnier Hair Treatment; my hair definitely needs the help.

  2. Maybe I'll try some hair repair after treating my skin problem. I have this mild acne breakout every now and then. :(

  3. I use these, they are such life savers!


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