hello sneaky
Dear Diary,
8:07 PM   3/23/13

     It's midterms week. Uph, I just want to cry or stab myself in the throat. I really need a break from school. Thank god spring break is almost here. Unfortunately, it's still not very springy here. Remember when I was complaining about not having enough snow? I would like it to go away now please. I probably won't be posting much till I am on break. I haven't been feeling too good lately, and there's also these things called finals. I actually feel awful. I have been so tired all day. I blame it on the dream I had last night. I actually dreamt about my cat continuously trying to wake me up. She was trying to get into my room, and she was making a lot of noise by trying to do so. I wonder if I was actually screaming while I was sleeping, because I remember screaming lots of profanities during my dream. I also dreamt that my dad said he would take me to Burt Wonderstone, because I have been begging him to, but I don't actually think that's happening.
     I went bowling today. Did you know that people still go bowling? Like the entire bowling alley was full. I didn't actually bowl, but I watched people bowl. It was very odd.
     I also went to a luau last night, just another one of my mother's PTA events. Summer and I were in charge of the tattoo station, and it was actually a really awesome night. We had many humorous conversations, and then we came back to my house and talked about boys while eating cake. Shes trying to make me have affections for this kid in our class, but I just don't think I can do it.
     On a side note, I am about to watch Silver Linings Playbook, and I am reaaaally excited.


  1. I never really experience playing with snow and I wanna try that but our country has only two seasons. Dry season and rainy season. A tropical country. :)


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