Buying perfume can be a very hard task. I own all three of these perfumes, so I thought I would give my solid opinion on them just in case any of you out there are looking to invest in a new perfume or even possibly buy one for a female friend. 
     My least favorite of these three options is Oh, Lola!. It features notes of raspberry, vanilla, peony, pear, and cyclaman, and overall, it's supposed to be a very vibrant, flirtatious and lighthearted perfume. The words vibrant, flirtatious, and lighthearted correspond with the word youthful in my head, but this perfume is definitely the most mature of the three. It has a very floral scent, definitely the most floral of the group. I would recommend this perfume if you are still looking for the same attributes but are in your late twenties to forties. It's a more grown up scent then I prefer, but it is still a very nice perfume. 
     Daisy is my second favorite. It has notes of strawberry, red grapefruit, gardenia, violet, jasmine, musk, and vanilla, and overall, the perfume is intended to be bright, alluring, and eternal. Now maybe you know what that means, but I have no idea what an eternal perfume is supposed to smell like. I can understand the bright part though. For me, I like this perfume because it is still young and flirty and yummy smelling, but it is a true perfume. It fits the balance between a girly, candy scented body spray and a perfume reminiscent of my grandmother. The scent is fresh and still very floral, but it's also bubbly and fun. It makes me feel grown up and sophisticated. I really enjoy the scent of this perfume, and I would highly recommend it to people my age as well as my mother's. 
     Daisy Eau So Fresh is my favorite of the three perfumes. It has notes of raspberry, grapefruit, pear, violet, wild rose, apple blossom, musks, cedar wood, and plum. It is supposed to be an exhilarating, bubbly, and playful perfume. Playful is definitely a good word to describe this scent. I just adore the smell of this perfume. It's supposed to be a spin off of the original Daisy but with a little bit more bubbly and youthful side to it. This perfume is definitely the most fruity of the three, but I would still classify it as a floral perfume. It sort of has a lightness to it that the other two perfumes don't have. 
     Overall, all three perfumes are excellent choices if you are looking for a new perfume. The scents last a long time, and they're noticeable while not overbearing. I can also tell that these perfumes are going to last me a long time; you are definitely getting what you are paying for. Plus, the bottles are super cute. I highly recommend checking out these three perfumes next time you are looking for a new scent.
     If you want a boys opinion, I asked my brothers which one they preferred, and they both prefer Daisy.  


  1. Oh My Gosh! Marc Jacobs is my fave perfume brand ! :D..Daisy all the way for me lol


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