A lot of people bash on Forever 21, but it is actually one of my favorite stores. Yes, the quality can be ridiculous sometimes, but for me, the price is perfect. Their clothes are cute and super affordable, and if you try the stuff on in stores, then you know exactly what you are paying for. I have a lot of dresses from Forever 21, and I am pretty happy with their overall quality. I have never had a problem with shipping, and most of their clothes tend to fit me pretty well. They give a lot of details about their clothes upfront on the website, and I really appreciate that. I always try to keep my dresses at least 33" long, but some sites don't give length and material information. I think my only real problem with Forever 21 is that the buttons on my purchases always fall off super quickly, but that is an easily solved problem. Here are some of my current favorites from their site. I am actually so in love with some of these garments. I hope they're still around when I get some birthday money.

crop top / cat shirt / barbie pullover
     If you are looking for more cheap crop tops in reference to a previous post of mine, this black polka dot one is only $10! The Barbie sweatshirt is also adorable. I have zero pullovers in my closet, so I am sort of dying for this because it's pink and apparently very comfy.

tropical dress / daisy dress / floral dress
     This tropical dress is less than $13 dollars! It's a fun summer print, but I would buy it for the great price alone. The daisy dress is super cute, and the absolute perfect color for spring. I am in love with the pattern on this last dress. It's more of vintage floral, something I haven't seen on many websites.

camo pants / lace skirt / polka dot skirt
     Like the floral dress, I haven't seen any skinny camo pants around. I have been wanting a pair for forever, but I've only been able to find camouflage leggings. These are perfect for the days when i'm feeling pretty badass. This crochet skirt would be for the days when I feel cute and springy. I enjoy the hemline and the cute pastel shades that this skirt comes in. In addition, this polka dot skirt is perfect, because you could pair it with almost everything. 
      As a disclaimer, I would like to say that I have never tried any of Forever 21's lingerie or swim suits, so I can not comment on the quality of them, but they are absolutely adorable. F21 recently started releasing swim suits for the year, and some of them are good basics while others are super retro statement swim suits. I adore the retro feel that some of them have. The prints are perfect and I want to buy them all, but they keep selling out so quickly! Their lingerie is also super sexy and cute. I would highly recommend checking out their garments.

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  1. those dress and the camo pants are really stylish!

  2. The hoodie and the poka dot skirt are perf.


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