Lush Review: Seanik

     So I recently ordered some things from Lush, and Seanik is definitely one of my favorite things that I purchased. First of all, let's address what the product claims to do. 
"Soften tangled locks and add oceans of shine with this mineral-rich, sea salt volumizing shampoo. Like a trip to a blue lagoon, Seanik is made with the best ingredients from the sea; softening Irish moss seaweed, and Japanese nori seaweed to make your hair soft as silk from root to tips, and sea salt to give body and volume to hair that’s fallen flat. One seriously sexy shampoo, we added lemon oil for extra shine, and the exotic far eastern fragrance of sensual mimosa and jasmine oils to bathe you in the heady scent of tropical flora all day long."
     The product basically claims to give your hair a soft texture, volume, and lots of shine, and it does exactly that. My hair feels fluffy after using this product, and it looks healthy and happy. I would especially recommend this product if you only use a shampoo. This product doesn't need a conditioner to follow it. I use only Seanik on the days that I am staying in. On the days that I have things planned, I use a conditioner afterwards, but it does dull on the volume and overall fluffiness. I would consider sticking away from this product though if you have problems with greasy hair. The products adds lots of shine. 
     Another nice thing about this product is that I can tell it is going to last me a long time. I have been using it about every other day for the last three weeks, and you can hardly tell. There are multiple ways to use a solid shampoo bar, but I just lather it up in my hands like it's a bar of soap and then rub the lather in my hair. It really does lather up pretty well. I had never used a solid shampoo before, so I was slightly concerned as to how it would work, but I am pleased with the overall process.
      Seanik definitely has a weird smell to it. Overall, I think it smells very clean. One of my friends claims it smells like new shoes, but I think it smells more like household cleaning products. The scent isn't much of an issue though, because it smells good in a weird way. I can also never smell my it in my hair after I rinse it out. The bar itself just has an odor. 
      Overall, I really enjoy this product. It has been my go to shampoo since I bought it, I like the smell, and I will probably have to try out more Lush solid shampoos because of my good experience with this one. 
      I hope this review is helpful, and just as a reminder, I am doing a giveaway on this blog where you can get your own Seanik. Click here to learn more about the giveaway. 


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